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Monday, October 22, 2018

Jack's Pot Smoke-corrupting Slate (for Montebello City Council) ......., approved by the Beltran/Chacon/Cedillo Political Machine (allegedly)

The Cedillo/Beltran/Chacon Political Machine proudly supports its RINO Enabler (and Montebello City Councilman) Jack Hadjinian's Endorsements, which will continue the Crony Backroom Capitalism, that enriches the Elite Few (Hank Attina, Brad Perrin, Billie Martinez , plus Glassman) ...... at the expense to the Municipality's Fiscal and Ethical Standing.
A formerly Republican of Promise ......... now merely a RINO Enabler of the Cedillo/Beltran/Chacon Political Machine.

Surviving the onslaught as the top vote-recipient in 2016, we had much hope that Councilman Hadjinian would be a reformist that Montebello needed to resurrect the city from its dire Fiscal Standing, in tandem with an Ethical Intervention to cleanse itself of the filth of the Calderon Political Scandals .........., but how wrong we were.
In recent months, its has become apparent that Councilman Jack Hadjinian, is not anything resembling an ethically-grounded Reformist. Instead the alledged "Politico BFF" of the notorious, repugnant sleaze bag of Southeast LA Politics Mario Beltran, has corrupted a Marijuana Legalization Process, that has mirrored recent efforts in Commerce and Huntington Park, by noted Beltran/Cedillo/Chacon Associates Edgar Cisneros .......... and Arnold Alvarez-Glassman's Law Firm.   
Sadly, Councilman Hadjinian is a willing, RINO Enabler for a reconstituted Cedillo/Chacon/Beltran Political Machine, when not causing political mischief in the selecting of lucrative refuge contracts, is seeking to monopolize a "Green Mother Lode" within its controlled Southeast LA Municipalities, that enriches the "selected few" and notice we have not even mention the other notorious recipients of City Hall Crony Capitalism Handouts .........., which have included the likes of Hank Attina, Billie Martinez and Brad Perrin, but we digress.    
Bluntly, the City of Montebello is deserving of leaders that will make paramount the return of ethical openness and transparency in governess, while ridding itself of the Crony Capitalism .........., that will continue with RINO Jack's (along with Councilman Art Barajas) Enabling Candidates-----Scott Johnson.   
Jack's Pot Smoke-corrupting Slate for Montebello City Council (and School District). 
Repaying the past support of Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo (and Mario Beltran)" by endorsing the Ex Wife of the dubious Lil Gil "Broken Laws Cedillo (allegedly)" of the formerly-corrupt, Central Basin Water District.
More like a ........, RINO Enabler of the Cedillo/Beltran/Chacon Political Machine.

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