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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morning Briefs/Flashbacks Regarding A Voter Fraud-rendering (allegedly) Los Angeles and National Political Machine

With absolutely NO APOLOGIES to the "Old Gray Hag Propagandist on Spring Street (aka, LA Times), we disclose some bloggin inconvenient linkage between alleged (and DOCUMENTED) examples of Voter Fraud , perpetrated by the Local and National Democratic Political Machine, in lieu of Republican Candidate Donald Trump's Debates Comments regarding the acceptance of November's Election Results .  
** Blogger's Note: In the aftermath of last evening's Presidential Debate, THEE dominate post- debate topic is the Republican Nominee's comment regarding the Acceptance of November's Election Results ............... and well, Trump has a valid Point (think Bush vs. Gore 2000), contrary to the subjective, journalistic-disqualifying rants/missives, originating on Spring Street. Local supporters of Bernie Sanders know all too well the Democratic Establishment's proclivity to ......., dare we say, F-ING RIGGED, the electoral process, as exampled by the recent DOCUMENTED, unbalanced Democratic Primary. Many local Progressive True-believers, who we have seen commenting on Social Media and conversed with during the 2016 Presidential Proceedings, know all-to-well the Democratic Political Machine's past episodes of "RIGGING Elections" for their chosen proxies. We can Flashback to 2003 when a certain, reelection-seeking City Councilman gathered with his followers in a second story office, near the Intersection of Soto and Cesar Chavez in Boyle Heights ........... and warned those gathered, that "outsiders would be bused into the district", seeking to (successfully) install the Machine's latest "Chosen One ". Thus, possibly the motivation for the superb "Caption This Missive" we excerpted below ........, along with inconvenient examples of past and present Election Rigging----Scott Johnson. 
A blogging flashback from a 2007 "Photo of the Day/Caption this Post". 
Mayor: So then I put them on the bus, and sent them to the polls and told the poll workers to look the other way or they would be fired...
Paris: Oh mayor, you're so strategic.
Mayor: Yeah, I know Stevie Wonder. We did a duet last week, like he did with Paul McCartney in the 80's.
Paris: Maybe you can sing on my next record?
Mayor: Yeah, I would also like to make a video with you. I've heard you like to do that. I live in a huge mansion.
Paris: I have a special camera that films even in the dark.
Mayor: I did 500 sit ups today.
Paris: That's hot.
Mayor: I AM hot!
** Fast forward back to the present as Project Veritas exposes Democratic Operatives orchestrating Election Fraud. 

Ex. (fired after video went public) Democratic Operative Scott Foval.
Sound Familiar? From NPR Report on Project Veritas Voter Fraud Video . Unaware that he was being recorded by a hidden camera, Foval appeared to walk through how operatives could commit voter fraud by shipping in out-of-state people to vote. "You can prove conspiracy if there's a bus," he says at one point. "If there are cars, it's much harder to prove."
Dinner with Gilbert and Larry regarding Driver Licenses for Undocumented Democratic Voters, as supported by Hillary Clinton Campaign Leader John Podesta? See below ......
** Via the Wikileaks Emails Disclosures, we have found the root motivation for the years-long quest of Career Politico Gilbert "One Bill Gil" Cedillo ........, and his "Close Relationship" with the  infamous Larry "Nativo" Lopez. From the Gateway Pundit.
John Podesta supporting Non-citizens with Driver Licenses "Right to Vote".
Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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