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Monday, October 24, 2016

A HOT Brief on a Questionable, Voter Database Cost Saving Scheme via the LA County Registrar-Recorder Office

Neighborhood Council Activist and CD-7 City Council Candidate Terrance Gomes, gives witness to a Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's "Voter Database Cost Saving Measure", that may ensure continuing "Voting Irregularities" in the upcoming November Elections
Neighborhood Council Activist and CD-7 City Council Candidate Terrance Gomes.
** With today being the Deadline to Vote in the upcoming November Elections, the likes of Antonio Villargovea, Mayor Eric Garcetii and the local cemetery undertakers, are imploring the unregistered masses, to be a part of "History" come Election Day. 
But as witnessed by Neighborhood Council Activist and CD-7 City Council Candidate Terrance Gomes, a Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder Office "Voter Database Cost-Saving Measure" may have unintended (cough, cough!!) consequences on the authenticity of the outcome.

I have voted by mail for twenty-five years and have voted in every election since I was eligible. On Monday I received two ballots from the Clerk's Office. When I called and talked to a rep, she stated that it was a cost saving measure to not update the database eventhough I had submitted the change before the deadline. I did not know protecting the right and security of our elections that so many have given their life to defend has been relegated to a cost saving measure.

The issuance of dual ballots to Gomes, pales in comparison to a DOCUMENTED scheme by former City of Commerce City Councilman Robert Cornejo, who's "Creative Absentee Voter Outreach" in 1988, may still be emulated some nearly, thirty years later.

Cornejo staged his effective absentee ballot campaign by first distributing absentee ballot applications. The majority of the applicants agreed to have their blank ballots sent to his house--161 absentee ballots were sent to Cornejo's residence, according to figures from the city clerk's office.  

 ........, a great reason for NOT putting cost-savings before protecting the integrity of the voting process.
"One Man, Two Votes".
Your thoughts .............
Scott Johnson in CD-14

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