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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mayor Sam on .................. Afternoon Briefs Assignment

The Mayor Sam Blog is out and about on multiple bloggin assignments as we post briefs below regarding USC, City of Commerce, Los Angeles Rams ............, and a tease (via the Boulevard Sentinel Newspaper) on a breaking scandal regarding a local Chamber of Commerce, once connected to the late CD-14 City Council Legend Art Snyder.
The Mayor Sam is out and about Breaking News on Political Scandals.

** Uinversity of Scandalous Conduct (USC) Update: In a victory for the GROWING Special Interest Police State, California Governor "Misogynist Moonbeam II (aka. Jerry Brown)" signed into law Assemblyman Miguel Santiago's AB-2361 which would enable PRIVATE Education Institutions (such as USC), to have their respective Security Departments granted Peace Officer Designation via the authority of the local Police Chief/Sheriff, as outlined in a mutually-agree-upon MOU.
** Both City of Commerce City Councilpersons Tina Baca Del Rio and Ivan Altamirano had received less-than-expected Fines, in today's Sacramento Monthly Meeting of California's Fair Political Practices Commission. Despite Public Comment from City of Commerce residents who drove multiple hours to Sacramento, in the quest to have Councilperson Baca Del Rio's proposed, record-setting Fine maintained at its original $100,000-plus amount, the FPPC Board voted to settle on a $55,000 amount, with $15,000 having to be paid from embattled Councilwoman's personal assets.
Today's (9-15-16) FPPC Hearing in Sacramento.
** The Los Angeles Rams (via Owner Stan Kroenke) and Mayor Eric Garcetti have agreed on a Deal that would have the NFL Franchise FULLY pay the City of Los Angeles for the cost of LAPD Game Day Deployment at the now, USC-operated Memorial Coliseum. The Stan Kroenke-innitiated Deal brings a possible resolution to a Citizen Lawsuit fronted by former City of Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine which contended that the non-reimbursed allocation of FINITE LAPD resources constituted an illegal gift of Public Funds. Yet to be determine, is whether Corporate-Welfare-loving USC will be held to the same type of agreement regarding security for its own Football Games.
This is of interest from the Boulevard Sentinel Newspaper in Eagle Rock from August 8, regarding a Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund .......... August issue is on the streets. We will be finishing deliveries today. 
The Boulevard Sentinel has been working of a story for the past two months regarding a scholarship program by the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce. Each year for three years fundraisers were held and money collected. The first and second year students were chosen to received the scholarships. It appears that they were not being paid the money in accordance with the original plan on how to disperse money, but in the end students are receiving their money. The problem is with the third year.
The third year fundraiser netted just over $30,000. The problem is no students were ever chosen, and no money given out. It has now been two years since the funds were raised.. Main sponsors, including Forever 21, and Arroyo Vista Health Care have made demands to 'see the books' and to date have not received any satisfactory answers as to why the program has not been implemented. LAPD has been involved, but no charges have been filed against anybody.
I was invited to a LH Chamber meeting, but was later told that meeting would not take place. This is an ongoing investigation and I hope to report in the next edition of the Boulevard Sentinel all of my findings.

Link to read our former Bloggin Colleague Zuma Dogg's Exclusive Reports on alleged "Secret Financial Dealings" at the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce, with connections former, late CD-14 City Councilman Art Snyder and associate Steve Kasten.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD-14

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