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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hot Teasing Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As a once-envisioned, Neighborhood-representing, counter balance to the City Hall Power Structure, become increasingly, mere communal rubber-stamps for the Special Interests-beholden Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, the subjective Leadership of Empower LA General Manager Grayce Liu, in regulating the Neighborhood Council System, is creating an environment of self-serving cronyism .........., and an unsafe environment for those who dare to speak out (or bloggin comment).
An increasingly Disempowering LA's NCs General Manager Grayce Liu.
**  Disclaimer: The following is sure to ingratiate this blogger further with a certain City of LA Department General Manager that is increasingly acting subjectively in enforcing policies that in turn, benefit the latest crony favorites of the local Clowncilperson, to the detriment of respective neighborhoods city-wide.
Witness the latest incarnation of the LA-32 Neighborhood Council, where the approval of CD-14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar (via screening by his loyal El Sereno Field Office Staffer Julio Torres), is a requirement for any Stakeholder seeking to serve on the supposed, communal-representing entity ........., and those who don't, face branding (or blacklisting) as "challenging" ........, or worse. 
In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclosed the recent verbal and physical action by a LA-32 NC Board Member, targeting a retired, Female Law Enforcement Officer during the July General Board Meeting .........,and what is the response to a "Request for Comment" from the former Failure Mayor Antonio (now Villargovea)-appointed GM, responsible for insuring the safety of ALL partaking in NC-related activities?  NOTHING, NADA, NO COMMENT!! 
This lack of granting the courtesy of a response, is sadly becoming a tired tactic of GM Liu in seeking to brand Stakeholders/Constituents seeking to question ethically-challenged decisions via respective NCs  ........,, as challenging trouble makers. 
Yet, more troubling is the adverse ramifications the subjective implementation of policies via GM Liu (and staff), are having upon neighborhoods, along with the punitive branding of those who merely seek to objective question the actions that are increasingly disenfranchising Stakeholders ..........., and in the days ahead, we will keyboard specific examples of such. 
Mrs. and Mr. Francine Godoy (seated on the right).
** We understand that these are not the "Best of Times" for the Spouse of former CD 14 City Clowncilman Jose Huizar Scheduler.Deputy Chief of Staff Francine "Bigfoot" Godoy Marco Soto. The noted Taxi Company Lobbyist (and Board Member of the Hermon-located Los Angeles International Charter High School), recently saw legislation to further regulate rival UBER, go down in defeat in Sacramento (prompting a graphic retort from State Senator Ben Hueso) may find some interest in the following from California Aware.

A bill that would place charter schools under the same transparency rules as their public counterparts faces a likely veto. AB 709 by Assembly Member Mike Gipson (D-Gardena) would put charter schools (except those on tribal reservations) under either the Brown Act or the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act—depending on whether their sponsors were local or state entities—as well as the California Public Records Act and state laws barring conflicts of interests in government and requiring the filing of public statements of economic interests by the board members and key employees. The need for such sunshine regulation, at least in some states, is suggested by an August 21 report on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” program. The bill got a final vote of approval Wednesday (August 24) and is now headed for the Governor’s desk. It may well die there as did a similar measure last year, because Governor Brown, as mayor of Oakland, founded two charter schools there and, according to columnist Dan Walters, has “placed $20 million in ‘startup funds’ for new charters in his 2016-17 budget.”  

We wonder what Mr. Soto's (and political friends) "Real Opinion" of the Mayor Sam Blog would be if we increased our discerning coverage of the Charter School's governess (or maybe we already do)?/

Your Thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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