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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Afternoon After Notes on the Winners and Losers Scorecard for the 2016 Primary Elections

On the Afternoon After the 2016 California Primary (with hundreds of thousands of ballots yet to be counted locally), we partake in our bloggin ritual of noting the Winners and Losers following the Election Day proceedings.
The former "CouncilMember/Police Officer" Candidate for LA County Board of Supervisors Mitchell Fifelander.
** Blogger's Notes (with Disclaimer): Great Morning After to all as were about to commence in keyboarding our usual "Winners and Losers" musings regarding yesterday's election results ........, but we have a slight impediment before proceeding ........, and that is the hundred of thousands of uncounted ballots locally. Many of us (including this blogger) are now voting via mail. Thus, those ballots that were dropped off at Polling Places yesterday, have not been processed. That said, we can discern from current results, a BIG LOSER from the LA County Board of Supervisor Election to replace Supervisor Michael Antonovich ..........., and that would be CD 12 City Councilman (and LAPD Reserve Officer) Mitchell "Fifelander". Fifelander is currently in Fifth Place as all the Englander/Knabe Money apparently went for naught in a crowded field of candidates. We will have more later in the day on this post-----Scott Johnson.
Winners: Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine.
The Four Dons and a Nury of the NSFV Democratic Machine.
Despite all the recent legal drama (and costs) afflicting the reviled Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine, both Congressman Tony Cardenas and 39th Assembly District Challenger Raul Bocanegra, were top vote recipients in yesterday's elections. 

Loser: 53 AD Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (aka "Mr. Celine Mancia").

A lessor number of 53rd AD Voters approve of Assemblyman Miguel Santiago taking the Oath (again) for another Term. 
In a surprise, incumbent (and former Assembly Speaker John Perez staffer) Assemblyman Miguel Santiago FAIL to garner 50% of the vote. Challengers Sandra Mendoza and Kevin Jang received 40% and 13% of the tally of ballots respectively. Thus, 53rd AD voters in November will be treated to a rematch Runoff between Santiago and Mendoza.. 

Winner: Mayor Eric Garcetti Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero:
Now 43rd AD Democratic Committee Member Ana Guerrero.
It was only time before Mayor Eric Garcetti Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero ran for some sort of Public Office (without backbiting from the uber-ambitious Maria Cabildo in CD-14) ......., and while its not a high profile position, Guerrero's second place finish is a good stepping stone for future political aspirations.

BIG LOSER!!: Former CD 14 y CD 1 Staffer and supposed Consultant Daniel Andalon: 
At least Daniel Andaon can still call himself a Historic Highland Park NC Board Member.
In an under the political radar, intra-mural skirmish between a growing Progressive Coalition, and the Crony Establishment for the control of the 51st AD Democratic Committee, the JV-Team of the Democratic Party Machine took it on the chin. Well-known Northeast LA Political Operative and former CD1/14 Staffer Daniel Andalon and his fellow Slate Members were blunted in their attempt to control the local Party Committee. Former Progressive Assembly Candidate Luis Lopez was the top vote recipient ........... and who came in last? Hint, at least he is still a member of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council. 

Winning (for self) while Losing Campaigns: Republican (allegedly) Political Consultant John Thomas:
Supposed Republican Consultant John Thomas (upper right) and "Associates".
While current Candidate/Client Elon Carr stands in sixth place and former Client (before terminating his services) Steve Napolitano takes on "Babs" Hahn, come November, in their respective Campaigns for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors ......., we have the following "Pronouncement regarding Self (Promoting)" from the local Wonder Boy Political Strategist. 
I'm proud to announce that I have officially joined KFI 640 AM's radio team and am now their political analyst!You may catch me during my regular segments twice weekly and throughout the week as political news breaks across KFI's lineup. I'll also be serving as a fill in host every now and again. Don't worry if you don't live in California, you may always stream KFI through Clear Channel's IHeartRadio free app.My weekly segments are:Gary and Shannon Show - Every Monday at 10:30-11 AM PST
Bill Handel Show - Every Friday at 9:00-10:00 AM PST
I'll be hosting my first show as a fill in this Sunday June 12th from 8-10pm.
There's lots to talk about over the coming months and I'm honored to be part of KFI's team 

Maybe John will regale his radio audience about his tread-setting, consulting tactics that allow Central Basin Water District Bad Boy Art Chacon (brother of John's business associate Hector Chacon) to serve another corrupting term in office?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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