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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

As Los Angeles County Democratic Party Leader Eric Bauman pursues his aspirations of replacing Northern Californian John Burton as the California State Democrat Party Leader, discerning political observers are questioning his lobbying work for "Big Pharma" in seeking to defeat a November Initiative that would cap Drug Prices.  
LA County Democratic Party Leader Eric Bauman.
** If anyone needed to see a glaring example why so many local Democrats/Progressives were "Feeling the Bern" in revolting against the "Establishment Cronycrats Political Machine", they need to look no further than LA County Democratic Party Leader Eric Bauman's "Conflicting Fiscal Dealings" ..........., as outed in a recent San Francisco Chronicle Missive.
Bauman, who also is a well-compensated (at $145,000 per year) Senior Adviser to California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, is making BANK via his Consulting Firm "VictoryLand Partners"/Spouse (allegedly)/ his hand-picked County Party Executive Director's work for Big Pharma as the Chronicle noted.
Records on file with the secretary of state’s office show that VictoryLand Partners, a consulting firm registered to Bauman’s home address in North Hollywood, has been paid $12,500 a month since early February to consult with the pharmaceutical industry and its allies that are fighting the measure.Last year, Bauman reported receiving more than $100,000 from VictoryLand Partners, some of it paid by health care interests. VictoryLand was active in the industry’s successful campaign against Proposition 46, the November 2014 ballot measure that would have lifted the cap on damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.

While we can chuckle at this latest example of "Do As I Say, Don't Do As I Do Leadership" from a ranking Democrat Party Official, its interesting to note that this "Teachable Moment (again) in Democratic Political Hypocrisy", originated in a Northern California publication.

Thus, we can assume that there are those in the No.Cal Democratic Party Faction, that do not want to see So. Cal Democrat Bauman, replacing John Burton as the State Democratic Party Chair ......... and when that person is profiting from the same industry that party activists are seeking to place price controls on via an Initiative, then you have the makings of a intra-mural party brawl/blood-letting.

** As the MUCH-anticipated Montebello Calderon Crime Family Corruption Trial came to naught as Brothers Tom and Ron pleaded "Guilty to the Obvious (which remaining silent on others, for now)", we have received information that pre-trial proceedings in the LA County Assessor Office Corruption Trial, featuring John Noguez will begin on July 12.

** we bring you this Bloggin Public Service Announcement on an Important Meeting next Tuesday in Boyle Heights ............, featuring the Los Angeles Police Commission. We will extrapolate more on the numerous sub-plots in a later post, but we STRONGLY encourage the crime-ravaged constituents of the Northeast and Hollenbeck Divisions to attend ............, and DEMAND accountability (especially for a certain CPAB engaging in inappropriate actions)..
Tuesday, June 21 Meeting of LAPD Police Commission at Hollenbeck Middle School. 

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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