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Monday, February 22, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As we near the One Year Mark before the 2017 City of Los Angeles Municipal Elections, we ponder what could possibly inflict damage to the formidable, Second Term Campaign of Mayor Eric Garcetti. Hint, mayoral office staff infighting ........., or worst.
An upward ambitious Mayor should never go soft on staff nefarious behavior, allegedly. 
Could there be a mystery mayoral staffer in need of behavior modification (again), allegedly?

** Blogger's Note: We will call this a momentary, bloggin intuitive episode, driven by whispers originating from somewhere within the confines of 200 Spring Street. While the speculation here is only that, the potential for inflicting damage to the Second Term ambitions (and possible future higher office aspirations) of Mayor Eric Garcetti, if true, would be major. 
To be specific, there are whispers of someone within Mayor Garcetti's inner-circle, who allegedly has issues restraining her/himself within the workplace, in regards to conduct with other staff. Names have been broached, but in the interest of protecting the duo process rights of those individuals, they won't be mentioned here.
Its not out of the norm for another political faction, to exaggerate a officeholder staff's inner-debate, disagreements, arguments .......... and misrepresent them as something more nefarious, especially at Election Time.
But with the recent high-level departures in recent months from Team Garcetti, these momentary intuitive moments, merit further vetting. 
**  We have a bloggin tip from a reliable source that former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, is set to front a Super PAC on behalf of his female political twin US Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez. The duo who share the love of drink ...... and of the opposite sex, support the same want of replacing the retiring Senator Barbara Boxer with a So Cal Democrat.
** In response to our Francine Godoy/Marco Soto Missive last week, we received this tip from within the confines of the Bureau of Sanitation Workplace, which simply stated the following; "Who will you see at work first, Bigfoot or Francine Godoy?"(** if you have a confirmed Francine Work Sighting, email us at redspotincd14@yahoo.com)
An alleged Bigfoot sighting in 1969.
A confirmed Francine Godoy photo during her CD 14 Employment.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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