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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mayor Sam Exclusive: The Fictitious Montebello City Council Campaign of Fernando Chacon (of Monterey Park, formerly Norwalk)

In a Mayor Sam Exclusive, we disclose the FACTS regarding the Fictitious Montebello City Council Campaign of Fernando Chacon (via Monterey Park and formerly of Norwalk)
The supposed Prosecutor and Chacon Political Family Carpetbagger (via Monterey Park and formerly of Norwalk) Ad from the Commerce Casino-financed, "Los Chacon News".
The Chacon Political Family Carpetbag laden with "washed Campaign Money (allegedly)" and copies of the falsehood-filled "Los Chacon News".
** Blogger's Note: With two weeks remaining before Montebello Voters select their next incarnation of its governing City Council, the Mayor Sam Blog discloses the FACTS behind the Fictitious Montebello City Council Campaign of former CD 14 Resident (via Ramona Gardens), two-time losing (in 2003 and 2007), City of Norwalk City Council Candidate, Monterey Park-residing Business Owner ......., and Connected Non-Profit El Centro del Pueblo Program Director Fernando Chacon. Fernando is the fourth brother of the Chacon Political Family seeking to get elected to some sort of political office in Southeast LA County. In the early part of the 21st Century, Fernando resided in the City of Norwalk, where the voters twist rejected his (and Chacon Machine) efforts to serve on its City Council. According to a source, financial (and political considerations) prompted Fernando and family to move into a Monterey Park residence (literally across the 60 Freeway from Montebello), which also served as business address for his Graphics Design Business. On May 2, 2015, the "Mountain View News" printed in its Legal Notice Section (pictured below), a filing with the Los Angeles County Clerk on April 28, 2015, of a Fictitious Business Name Statement that denoted legal change of business address for his "Universal Graphic Services", to a 142 S. Taylor Avenue, Montebello, California 90640 location. This is the same address domicile location listed in the Official Los Angeles County List of Candidates (Page 72) for the upcoming, November 3, 2015 Elections ...... Below we have posted photos of the pertinent locations and documentation that should cause Montebello voters to question the TRUE motivations ........, and legality of the Fernando Chacon for Montebello City Council Campaign (** Please note that these FACTS will not be found in the Commerce Casino-financed ......., and FPPC-fined "Los Chacon News")---Scott Johnson. 

The May 2 Legal Notice Section of the Mountain View Newspaper (red outline denotes the Fernando Chacon Fictitious Business Filing)  
The new home of Fernando Chacon's "Universal Graphics Services" at 142 S. Taylor Street, Montebello, California 90640. ** Notice the absence of business signage, but they did not forget the usual campaign lawn sign. 
The former Monterey Park (and still residence of Fernando and familia?)) business location of "Universal Graphics Services" at 212 E. Fernfield Dr., Monterey Park, California 91756 ............,
.........., which matches with the voter information of Monterey Park's Fernando Chacon and Family.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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