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Monday, October 12, 2015

Hot Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Columbus Day

As the backlash grows against the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council (STNC) Lockout tactics of CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuentes, its becoming more apparent that the looming Federal Grand Jury proceedings involving members and staffers of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine's "Gang of Five", may have played a role in Councilman Fuente's actions.
The Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine's "Gang of Five".
** As non-essential City of Los Angeles facilities engage in a Columbus Day Holiday Lockdown, the growth in the backlash against the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council (STNC) Eviction initiated by CD 7 City Councilman Felipe Fuentes continues.
Longtime Sunland-Tujunga Activist Lydia Grant, in a appearance on the KRLA 870 AM Randy Economy Show last Saturday Evening,announced that the San Fernando Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils and the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC) were initiating Motions that assert the rights of NCs to maintain office space within city property.
The actions of the two major coalition of NCs come in response to documents that disclose Councilman Fuentes lack of forthrightness in noting that the STNC was in fact, leasing office space that was label vacant, when the CD 7 Officeholder sought approval of the full City Council to grant office space to the Los Angeles Conservation Corp and the Los Angeles Housing Group.
That said, its also apparent via the timing of the Councilman Fuentes Lockout and the issuing of the Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas to staff members of CD 6 City Councilwoman Nury Martinez, Its logical that staff members from CD 7 who were also involve in the 39th AD Campaign Ballot Count, may also receive Subpoenas to appear before the Federal Grand Jury. 
Thus, the Councilman Fuentes Lockout/Eviction of the STNC, may have a political retribution origin. More on that later.
** Last week rains washed out a planned protest, targeting the Highland Park Figueroa Corridor policies of CD 1 City Council Gil Cedillo, What has gone unreported until now is a possible CD 14 Councilman Jose Huizar connection to the protest leaders. Both Cycling Activist Josez Bray-Ali and Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council President Monica Alcarez, are staunch Huizar supporters, prompting objective observes to opine that the just re-elect CD 14 Officeholder, is inciting the protests as retribution for Councilman Cedillo's support of former CD 14 City Council Candidate Gloria Molina. 
** The following ad pictured below from the former Southeast LA County Newspaper of Record, now the "Official Smelly Fish Wrap of the Chacon Political Family (paid for by the Commerce Casino)", the Los Cerritos News, is prompting many to call out the blatant, falsehood-laden agenda attacks against Montebello Mayor Jack Hadjinian by the Brian Hews-published Weekly Paper. In the last couple of years, Brian Hews has become the Convicted Felon Angel Gonzalez-like newsprint promoter of the Calderon-like, Chacon Political Family as the ad below illustrate. In the days ahead, we will highlight the "Fall from Grace" for a former Award-winning Newspaper, turned muckraker tool for Southeast LA Corruption.
"Los Corruption News" Political Ad supporting Fernando Chacon for Montebello City Council.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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