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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Introducing the ........, "AB-109/Prop 47 Mike Feuer Crime Blotter Briefs"

In bloggin tribute to the former Assemblyman Co-author of AB-109 Prison Realignment/Non-Revocable Homeless Parolee Dumping (in Skid Row and neighborhood near you), we present the ........, "AB 109/Prop 47 Mike Feuer Crime Blotter Briefs"
The former Assemblyman, now City Attorney Mike Feuer.
Please pardon this momentary exposure of our bloggin soft side.
Its not often that we bless a new bloggin feature in honor of a upstanding member of the local Political Machine, but as neighborhoods from Sunland-Tujunga, through Skid Row, to San Pedro become "points of re-entry/dumping" for thousands of  "Low Level, Non-Revocable Parolees" (resulting in documented increases in all levels of criminal activities), the resulting impacts has motivated us to create the ..........., "AB-109/Prop 47 Mike Feuer Crime Blotter Briefs". 
The "AB-109/Prop 47 Mike Feuer Crime Blotter Briefs" will be a bloggin weekly feature that chronicles former the former Assemblyman, turned City Attorney's contribution to the current "Homeless State of Emergency" his co-authoring of legislation that made possible the dumping of "Low Level, Non-Revocable Parolees" in places such as Skid Row and elsewhere within the City of LA.
With no apologies to the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)", the "Downtown News of Record", was disclosing the adverse ramifications of AB-109 in a Three-Part Missive in 2011 that documented the genesis of increases in criminal activity, which has spread to other neighborhoods, city-wide. 
Now in late 2015, a "Downtown News of Record Editorial" again outlines the dual roles AB-109, the more recent Prop 47 decriminalization legislation, has had on the spiking criminal activity and concentration of Homeless (many with Mental Health issues) in Skid Row. 
We sincerely hope that City Attorney Feuer will find harden motivation in a rare momentary, bloggin moment of softness, while in the weeks ahead, our cyber audience is presented with the reality of a "Deadly Failure of Public Policy" that requires a harden resolve to rectify.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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