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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hot Morning Briefs on the "Anti-Broken Deal Cedillo NELA Political Scene" for Monday

As CD 1 City Clowncil Central Committee Member Gil (formerly One Bill) Cedillo nears the end of his First Term, its becoming clear to a growing number of disenchanted Northeast LA constituents, that their Officeholder is becoming the official purveyor of Crony Capitalism ....., at the expense of Broken Promises to the Greater NELA Community.
Has the former "One Bill Gil" become the Crony Capitalist Opportunist known as "Broken Deal Cedillo"?
** Blogger's Note: For a former, career Sacramento Lawmaker, now First Term member of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee, who's singular pursuit of entitlements for the Undocumented, earned him the moniker of "One Bill Gil", is exhibiting a new political persona that is bound to have his Progressive followers wandering if he spent to much time absorbing the Free Enterprise proclivities (minus the ethics) of his Legislative, Republican friends. Since his victory over former CD 1 Clowncil Ed "Density" Reyes Chief of Staff Jose Gardea, many who were part of the Northeast LA Coalition that gave the friend of former Failure Mayor Antonio Villar, his slim margin of victory, are now openly condemning their former candidate of choice for numerous broken promises, which prompted a certain blogger to bestow the CD 1 Officeholder with the moniker of "BROKEN DEAL CEDILLO". Its been bloggin clear to most objective political observers that material self-interest (via the accumulation of campaign contributions) and its desired benefits for a select group of cronies (ie. Crony Capitalism), has become paramount for Cedillo, when deciding his course of action on a particular policy issue. Below, we extrapolate upon how the Crony Capitalist desires of "Broken Deal Cedillo" has adversely affected policy direction on four on-going issues within Northeast LA---Scott Johnson.
Is Northeast CD 1 becoming less safe under the supposed leadership of "Broken Deal Cedillo"?
** Safety on the Northeast LA Figueroa Corridor: For those who were involve in the vigil for Yolanda Lugo, who was killed September 18 in a "Hit and Run Incident" at Figueroa and Ave. 55. The tragedy of Ms. Lugo's death is compounded by the fact that "Broken Deal Cedillo" views those who are the regular voices calling for increase pedestrian safety as the "One Percent". 
Do Northeast CD 1 Constituents have any say when "Broken Deal Cedillo" supports major Crony Capitalist Developments?
** The Proposed McCormick, Barron and Salazar Highland Park Transit Village: When you put self-interest before the concerns of the community, sometimes the results can become litigious as residents (Friends of Highland Park) use their legal rights to preserve their neighborhood character. Conceived during the reign of Clowncilman Reyes, the proposed Transit Village had the backing of the local political establishment, which were given their pieces of the Crony Capitalists payouts. But under the reign of Cedillo, a promise to revisit the project, has became just another Broken Deal via Cedillo (allegedly).
Will the goal of a rehabilitated and open Southwest Museum become a casualty of the latest "Broken Deal Cedillo" Crony Capitalist Scheme?
** The Future of the Southwest Museum: What should of been a policy priority for the latest CD 1 Clowncil, has instead, become a "El Plan" how to put Crony Capitalistism, Self-Interest before preserving and re-opening Los Angeles Oldest Museum. What is readily apparent is that Broken Deal Cedillo has created bad, political Ju Ju for himself by aligning himself with the likes of Gabriel Buelna, who see real estate exploitation as being paramount, instead of a stand alone, reopen museum.
What is the effect on a community when their voice is ignore in favor of a backroom dictated exercise of Crony Capitalism?
** Cypress Park Community Center/GRYD Prevention Contract: Since being awarded the Northeast LA GRYD Prevention $800,000 Contract, El Centro del Pueblo's Program Director Fernando Chacon has found some quality time (away from work) to run for City Council in Montebello.  That said, we would advise community members within the boundaries of the contract area, to practice oversight in how contract money is dispense .............., considering these FPPC Actions again his brothers Art and Hector ........., and his involvement with both.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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