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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mayor Sam on Assignment: Seeking out CD 14's new $9 Million Dollars Homeless Encampment ....., with a view

On this Hump Day, Mayor Sam goes On Assignment, in search of CD-14's newest $9 Million dollars Homeless Shelter/Encampments, with a Huntington Drive-reaching hilltop view. **Afternoon Update: WE FOUND IT!! See photo below "Julio".
Really Julio (Torres)? Your Boss (who went to Princeton), had the vision to have the taxpayers barrow $9 Million dollars to pay for a current Homeless Shelter/Encampments ......., with a hilltop view of  Huntington Drive and beyond?
** Blogger's Note: A note to our cyber audience, we will not be in the home office today, for we are on bloggin assignment to bring you the latest information on CD-14's newest Homeless Shelter/Encampments, with a hilltop view of Huntington Drive (which includes the former "Motel Huizar" location). As clearly seen from "Mickey's Parklet" located next to "Food for Less" on Huntington Drive, the Stakeholders of the El Sereno Community are commenting on their esteem, re-elected City Councilman Jose Huizar's newest answer for housing the homeless within the community. As previously reported here on Mayor Sam, the Princeton Graduate received City Council support to barrow, and pay an inflated price ($9 Million dollars to benefit the clients of  Land Use Attorney Ben Reznik) for the 20 acre, Elephant Hill Parcel in 2011. Since the transaction was completed (with the required, self-serving Photo Op completed), speculation has been rampant on what would become of the property (nature trails, interpretive signage, a Mark & Minnie Aguilar-Ferguson Nature Center among the thoughts). But come the Summer of 2015, the last option concerned Stakeholders expected, was to see tents and RVs take up positions on the hill as noted in this email, Other residents have complained to me and stated look up at elephant hill from Huntington Drive around post office. And yes there is an R.V. and a couple of tents. Thus, we load our bags (with ZIMAS Map in hand to determine property lines) to seek photographic documentation to share with you---Scott Johnson. 
The former "Motel Huizar", where we leave the side door clear for you. 
The new $9 Million dollars Elephant Hill Homeless Shelter/Encampment Space (camp is located near trees, to the right of hilltop). 
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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