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Monday, June 22, 2015

Morning Brief on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As we start the last full week of Fiscal Year 2014/2015, the end is near for two distinct political personas of the Los Angeles City Council Bernard Parks and Tom LaBonge.
 Can we envision the soon to be former LAPD Chief and CD 8 City Councilman, enjoying a post political life behind a Talk Radio Microphone?
Where will the former Marshall Barrister Gridiron Standout catch on after his July 1 exit as CD 4 City Councilman?
Please forgive the current blogging melancholy state of being.
Summer 2015 is one day old and its already been an environmental pisser, with this blogger's favorite beach destination close due to an oil spill (El Capitan State Beach), high mountain sanctuary going up in flames (Lake Fire near Big Bear) ........., and the most egregious, the "University of Scandalous Conduct/Clowncilman Jose Huizar Tree Massacre" at Hazard Park, so bloggin forgive me if my musings take on a more sardonic edge in the days ahead.
For us bloggin lovers of local political theater, festivities under the John Ferraro Clowncil Chambers Big Top will never be the same as its reigning top billing performer, walks out (with football in hand) into the political sunset (best viewed from the top of Mt. Hollywood in "Griffith/LaBongeland Park").
Sadly, for this blog (and the fiscal well-being of the city), July 1, 2015 will dawn on the beginning of the CD 8 City Clowncil Central Committee Era of its newest Labor/Left Stooge Marqueese "Mini Herman Amin" Dawson-Harris, as the once "Bitter Bernie" humors his way into a "See I Told You So Better Tomorrow".
We want to be the first in espousing for a post City Clowncil Talk Radio Show Gig for the reigning Voice of Common Sense, with a wealth of local political perspective ....... and an under appreciated inner-comedic wit.
For a bloggin fleeting moment, the thought of  a "Parks with LaBong" radio pairing, was a day dream quickie ......, and gladly only that. in lieu of the former Marshall Gridiron Standout's buffoon-like proclivities.
But in all seriousness, the departure of Parks brings an end to a level of independent political maturity that will not be seen anytime soon ........., unless Angelinos come together in returning factually-based, common sense to 200 Spring Street.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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