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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Its Time for a Mayor Sam Field Trip to the City Clowncil!!

With LAUSD on Summer Recess, its time for the first in a series of Mayor Sam Bloggin Field Trips, with our first stop being the "John Ferraro Big Top Clowncil Chambers" at 200 Spring Street, for a historic "Redistribution of Wealth Performance" by the City Clowncil Central Committee.
Hold on Bloggin Brothers and Sisters as we dodge another pot hole.
** Blogger's Note: Good muggy AM to all in the Political Cybersphere as we double check our Bloggin Field Trip Permission Forms for today's inaugural Mayor Sam Summer Adventure to the Political Circus at 200 Spring Street. Your Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee is set to stage a historic performance of "Redistribution of Wealth" as it formally votes to raise the Minimum Wage to $15 per hour. We're sure that political grandstanding will be the norm as the political theatrics take on a collectivist feel. Its been sometime since we last spent quality time under the Ferraro Clowncil Chambers Big Top and after today's visit, we may blogging decide that Mayor Sam needs to become a regular observer at future "Clowncilmatic Performances"---Scott Johnson.



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