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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby at 50

Its with profound hurt and sadness to announce the passing of Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby. 
 ** Blogger's Note: This hurts ............., Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby passed away yesterday after a sudden illness at the age of 50. Michael was found unresponsive in his vehicle after a visit to his dentist yesterday evening. Most regular readers will know that Michael had just lost his beloved Mother Judith recently .........., and now, he is with her again in a better place. In keyboarding my thoughts in this moment of shock and numbness that does not dull the pain of profound loss, ......., I shed tears in not being able now to tell Michael how much gratitude I had for the opportunity to empower myself (with the help of "Spollcheck") via my work on the blog. For now, our prayers go out to Michael's Father and family in the time of great loss (For those who would like to comment, please post your thoughts on our Facebook Page and I will cut & paste them here)---Scott Johnson.

** Our former blogging colleague Joseph Mailander shares his thoughts about Michael.
** Thank you to our friend Ed Padgett for these kind words on Michael.
**  Valley Village Blogger Paul Hatfield shares his thoughts on the bloggin proclivities of Michael.
** LA Observed Lead Blogger Kevin Roderick notes the passing of Michael Higby:
Michael Higby, for many years the lead blogger at Mayor Sam's Sister City, died Wednesday at the age of 50. Scott Johnson announced his passing on the site today.
Michael was found unresponsive in his vehicle after a visit to his dentist yesterday evening. Most regular readers will know that Michael had just lost his beloved Mother Judith recently, and now, he is with her again in a better place.
** From Political/Campaign Consultant Eric Hocopian:
"First and foremost Michael Higby was a good and decent man, whose passing is a loss to our Los Angeles community. Michael brought life and flair to the staid world of Los Angeles politics, while comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable in Southern California politics. He will certainly be missed, my thoughts go out to his family."
** From Downtown News Editor Jon Regardie:
I can't begin to express my condolences for the loss of your friend. I'm sure this is an incredibly tough time for you, and of course even tougher for the family. My thoughts are with you all. Michael will be missed,

** From "Papa Bo" Patatian:
Heartbroken and deeply saddened to learn of the untimely passing of my longtime friend and political ally Michael Higby who has passed away of a heart attack. Mike was deeply devoted, caring, loving, gifted, intelligent, kind, sensitive, sincere, knowledgable and civically engaged gentleman who was unique and brilliant in every regard and had a gift for citizen journalism that was unmatched. As t...he founder, editor and frequent contributor of the Mayor Sam Political Blog, he put his love for and interest in civic engagement out there for all of us to read and enjoy. He gave this blog, which everyone in the business and out followed, his all. Even when Mike was threatened with a myriad of lawsuits and was personally attacked, harassed and bullied by his political rivals and opponents, who wished to silence and prevent Micheal from speaking, sharing and spreading the truth, Mike remained steadfast, undeterred and courageous! Refusing to be silenced, gagged or intimidated. Mike knew when to give ground and when to fight, because he understood that success comes through picking your battles but staying focused all the while on ultimately winning the war so that the good fight could be fought and so that truth and justice can prevail. Along with loyal contributors such as Scott Johnson, Mike kept the Mayor Sam Blog alive and allowed it to constantly, grow and thrive. Mike leaves this life as great son, brother, friend and an exemplary man of Faith and model American. Mike was revered, respected and adored by all. His loss is immense and he will be missed terribly! May you rest in peace Michael and may the Good Lord Illuminate your soul. My deepest respects, sympathies and condolences to entire Higby Family. Farewell Old Friend! 2 Timothy 4:7-8
** Frank Sheftel writes:
Michael Higby is my friend. We met when I ran for City Council and he wrote about me on Mayor Sam. We would later become co-hosts on a radio show along with David Hernandez. We chatted all the time and found a shared sense of humor. He had depicted he and I as these cartoon figures and would put us in funny situations. I was flattered he took the time to design me even down to my hats. He was set to host my radio show this Sunday while I am away. We had just talked about it on Tuesday. I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear that he passed away suddenly last night. My heart goes out to his family. He's with his Mom now. Rest in Peace my friend. You will be missed by many. ‪#‎gonetoosoon‬

Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby, 1964-2015



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