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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Live from the LA-32 NC!! A Friday Evening Dialog on the Issues featuring the CD 14 Candidate Trio of Chavez, Diaz and Molina (minus a certain Incumbent)

In what many are describing as the best 2015 CD 14 Candidate Forum to date, the three challengers seeking to unseat the current, embattled City Councilman Jose Huizar, engage in an objective, wide-ranging Q & A on the issues (minus the Incumbent and "Rent-a-Mob Entourage"). 
 CD 14 City Council Candidates Mario Chavez, Nadine Diaz and Gloria Molina, seated a table, opposite LA-32 NC Forum Moderators Vice-President Kaprisha Vallecillo, President Marleen Fonseca (out of chair for moment), Jose Aguilar and Tom Williams.
** Blogger's Note: With kudos to the LA-32 Neighborhood Council Ad-hoc Elections Committee Team of President Marleen Fonseca, Vice-President Kaprrsha Vallecillo, Board Member Angelica Duarte, along with Jose Aguilar and Tom Williams, local democracy was well serve with an excellent facilitation of the CD 14 Candidate Forum Q & A last evening at the El Sereno Senior Center. The roughly 100 Stakeholders present, were treated to a thoughtful, objective dialog on the myriad of issues facing CD 14 voters as they decide who will represent them for the next term starting on July 1, 2015. Of particular interest to area voters, was the former Supervisor's comments regarding the 710 Freeway. Molina stated that despite her past support of a plan to fill the 6.2 mile gap, the political will and fiscal resources do not exist to complete any alternative within our (and a crying baby's lifetime). Further, Molina describe the demonization of her on the issue by The Huizar Campaign, citing how they are spreading false, malicious rumors about her to voters. We should note that the current Officeholder Jose Huizar chose to not attend, this despite the efforts of the organizing committee, to plan the date and time of last evening's forum around his schedule. Apparently, the self-noting Princeton Graduate is planning to attend a planned February 19 Forum at Farmdale Elementary School, we will have more background on that "forum" in a later post---Scott Johnson. 
Stakeholders enjoyed a dialog environment devoid of the antics of a certain "Staffer-constituting Rent-a Mob".
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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