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Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Objective Forum or a Subjective Ambush to protect the flow of "Patronage"?

On the heels of a successful, objective LA-32 Neighborhood CD-14 Candidate Forum, El Sereno-based 501 3C Organizations and Property Owner Groups, with fiscal and close ties to Councilman Jose Huizar, are planning their own forum, prompting concerns about its objectivity. 
Discerning community members should question whether the groups listed above are more concern with maintaining their "patronage", than having an objective dialog on all the issues affecting the greater neighborhood. 
"The El Sereno Birdies of Patronage" awaiting their next Councilman Huizar "fiscal feeding".
** Blogger's Note: From the "Christmas Tree Smoke-filled mind" of esteem Councilman Huizar-endorsing "Community Leader Joe Cano", we bring this dire warning of ambush that was a "bong water backwash mental episode", come to naught ........., I want to warn folks to avoid going to a candidate forum being planned by members of LA32NC. It is going to be an ambush. The adhoc planning committee is populated by the usual fools Angela Duarte & Jose Aguilar two known Huizar haters & Kaprisha Vallecillo head of the committee appears to be promoting Scott Johnson's racist blog. The candidate forum last night (actually Saturday morning Joe) in Boyle Hgts had a group of hecklers all Gloria Molina supporters. Val Marquez was there with his troll of a sister Tere, Jose Aguilar, Angela Duarte, Scott Johnson and all of them Molina supporters. The event being planned for the 13th is nothing more than an ambush. Boycott the event on the 13th it is a setup.
With no apologies to the noted "Corner Store Stroller", it would seem that "Community Leader Joe Cano" would rather have you attend the February 19, 2014 'exercise in civic engagement (or is it an ambush to protect the "Patronage Daddy"?) planned by assorted community groups at Farmdale Elementary. We are attempting to ascertain form the Gloria Molina Campaign, who and how, they were invited to this event, but in noting recent Councilman Huizar Campaign Mailers and recently-obtained fiscal documents (which will be disclose on Sunday), they may want to reconsider not attending this questionably-objective forum ....., when reviewing organizations fiscal and campaign ties disclosed below, to the embattled Incumbent---Scott Johnson.  
El Sereno Chamber of Commerce Member (and Councilman Huizar Staffer) Julio Torres (on left) at recent Chamber Mixer at Grifols.
** El Sereno Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber was given $5,000 from Councilman Huizar's General Purposes Fund Account in October of 2014 and Chamber Member Bernard Gandera, is a listed Huizar-supporting "Community Leader".

Barrio Action Executive Director Tammy Membreno (in green).
** Barrio Action Youth and Family Center: The "Connected Non-Profit of El Sereno", recently receive a $4,999 and $5,000 General Purposes Fund allocation in July and October of 2014 respectively (Tammy will support Huizar as long as the patronage flows).
Paying for the Rent-a-Crowd.

How many associates of the Hillside Village Property Owners Association can you find among the pictured Huizzy supporters above?
** Hillside Village Property Owner Association: The following Hillside Village Property Owner Association members are listed as Councilman Huizar-supporting Community Leaders; Luanna Allard and President Ray Rios (with others not listed). 
Rose Hills Homeowners Association "Meet and Greet" with Councilman Huizar.
** Rose Hills Homeowners Association: The following Rose Hills Homeowners Association Members are listed as Councilman Huizar-supporting "Community Members"; Johnny Carbajal, Joe Manzano and Anthony Manzano (with others not listed).
The El Sereno Coordinating Council facilitating its support of the Incumbent (regardless of IRS Tax Codes?).
** The El Sereno Coordinating Council: ESCCc President Annette Jojola-Vasquez (in glasses) is listed among the Councilman Huizar-supporting "Community Leaders List", with obviously others. 
Thus, judging from the information above, it would seem likely that a supposed objective exercise in candidate dialog ......., is in reality, a façade to mask a subjective ambush of an "certain candidate', in the spirit of maintaining the Culture of Patronage in El Sereno.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Michael M said:


interesting that Anthony M did not know anything of this event as he alluded same to me Friday night @ senior center. Are we sure the HSVPOA are aware of same, or anyone else for that matter.

Is this a cart before the horse moment....your thoughts....m

February 14, 2015 6:47 PM  

Anonymous Michael M said:

Tammy M,

When did you decide to start supporting public office incumbents, and or candidates.

I realize that some time has go by but you assured me back when that you never did, nor ever will.

Do you remember our conversation in your office during that time...?

February 14, 2015 6:51 PM  

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