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Friday, January 30, 2015

A Profile of the Enabling Life and Times (with benefits) of Loyal Huizzynista Mago Amador.

Join us in the first of our series of profiles on those known as "Huizznistas", who's CD 14 Life is dedicated to executing Timely Acts of community devotion, in promoting the Political Agenda of an Embattled Incumbent, in return for personal gain and assess. 
 Uber-loyal Huizzynista Mago Amador (under left arm of "The Tonto Huevon") is never out of reach of her Political Sugar Daddy Clowncilman Jose Huizar.
** Blogger's Note: On this day that saw deposited in mail boxes district-wide, the latest "neighborly mailer" via the Campaign of the self-noting Princeton Graduate, we request you to consider not asking your neighbor whether Councilman Huizar merits re-election ......., but instead, inquire how your new neighbor (in the case of this blogger) became the Cuatro Flats to Huizar Crony Handout Success Story, that is Uber-Huizzynista Mago Amador. As noted in the above photo, there are those neighbors that live among us, who have the paid-off ability to find the positive in all things originating via their Political Patronage Daddy ........, and Mago personifies those best self-serving traits in denial. Whether it was her furthering of the Huizar Agenda as the Secretary of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, shilling as a paid hack for the Fifteen Group's Wyvernwood Apartments to High-rise Condo make-over, or serving as the paid, Wendy Greuel for Mayor Campaign Burro, that saw all Boyle Heights precincts support, now Mayor Eric Garcetti, Mago knows how to garner patronage, regardless of the impact to the greater community ........, and especially, without disavowing her Cuatro Flats mannerisms, as we continue below---Scott Johnson. 

The Boyle Heights Native (via Cuatro Flats) Mago Amador, as seen in a recent LA Times.
The above photo was the first ........, and likely last time, many LA Time readers would be afforded a view of Mago. Most, who bother to give a thought, would think that the Times photo, was part of a more extensive profile of a serious activist crusading for equal distribution of city resources to combat illegal construction. But to many local observers, the photo op was more like a fleeting resurrection of a political Flounder from its fishwrap shroud, and when taken with the total, attributed comments from the article ........, most would have to say ......., WHY? But Mago should know its not about the quantity of services, instead the benchmark is the quality outcome for the exclusive few as we continue below.
The Cuatro Flats Girl becomes a Community Policing Advisory Board Co-Chair.
Being a loyal Huizzynista has its perks to say least. Where else can a tough girl from Cuatro Flats get the opportunity to rise above (with barrio mentality still intact) and obtain a position of prominence such as being selected the Co-chairperson of the LAPD Hollenbeck Division Community Advisory Board (CPAB). Plus, with the blessing (or was it instructions from Councilman Huizar and former CD 1 Councilman Ed Reyes?), you can use your appointed status to work with a "Connected Non-Profit" in helping the campaign-contributing 7-Eleven, with achieving support for selling more Beer and Wine in sensitive communities ** BTW, Mago has not forgotten her old "Cuatro Flats Street Mannerisms", more on that later for sure.  
Patronage has its benefits, especially at re-election time.
By far, what Huizzynistas like the most is the material perks. Witness this new sidewalk outside of the Santa Teresita Church K-8 School, who happens to have a certain Mago Amador on its Board of Directors. For the record, this is the very same school that a young "Antonio Ramon Villar" spent a fleeting moment at decades ago. Thus, when the embattled City Councilman needed a example of how he could use his Discretionary Funds for the community good (instead of being use to raise the pay of a certain ex Deputy Chief of Staff), project ideas submitted by those who's Loyalty and Influence could help the re-election of the self-noting Princeton Graduate, were fast tracked. 
 About that example of benchmarking quality service from the Building and Safety Department?
But as Mago will surely attest to, the NUMERO UNO role of a Huizzynista, is the ceaseless advancement of HIS personal and political agenda ........, and when called upon, strongly condemn those who merely engage in objective, discerning commentary. In revisiting the LA Times Article regarding CD 14 getting its fair share of services from the Building and Safety Department, Mago was a useful tool in espousing her singular sentence of attribution. because in CD 14, the rules are different that those within the "exclusive know" get quality and quick resolution to there home remodeling endeavor, as witness by a formerLAUSD School Board Member, now CD 14 City Councilman, as LA Observed reported back in 2007 ..........,  
[The inspector] repeatedly instructed Huizar�s workers to halt the illegal construction, telling them to stop three times over a six-week period, according to the file assembled by the Department of Building and Safety. Finally, the city issued a written order on December 16, 2003, informing Huizar � a man with a planning degree from Princeton University who once worked for City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo � that the house violated 19 sections of the municipal code.
Huizar finally resolved the city�s case against him four weeks ago, just as he was firing up his campaign for re-election to the Los Angeles City Council, representing a district stretching from the graffiti-scarred retaining walls of Boyle Heights to the upscale restaurants of Eagle Rock. Huizar even bought a new home for his growing family, south of El Sereno.....Huizar sounded a bit confused about his residency during a sit-down interview with the L.A. Weekly. Asked if he moved into the La Calandria house right away when he bought it in 1999, Huizar responded, �Oh yeah, oh yeah. I�ve been living there eight years.� A few minutes later, Huizar went back to the residency question, saying he remembered that in fact he moved into the house three years after he bought it. �Maybe it was �02 or �03,� he said.

........, and when you need that "sign off" on that extra house work, help is only a former political crony away (or was before the FBI stepped in), as now LA Times Reporter David Zahniser reported sometime back.

Thus, join us in the near future for our nest Huizzynista Profile.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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