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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mayor Sam Exclusive: "Broken Deal Cedillo" continues to ignore Cypress Park Stakeholders while Dining with Sandra Figueroa-Villa

CD 1 City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" continues to stonewall requests from the Cypress Park Residents to discuss the staffing at its Historic Community Center while the most recent CD 1 Quarterly Officeholder Account Report discloses an One on One Meeting with El Centro del Pueblo Executive Director (and Police Commissioner) Sandra Figueroa-Villa. 
No Promise is Sacred for "Broken Deal Cedillo". 
** Blogger's Note: As CD 1 City Clowncilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", along with the Cypress Park Neighborhood Council President Alejandra Cortez, continue to stonewall Stakeholders requests for a meeting regarding the Historic Cypress Park Firehouse, now Community Center, Mayor Sam has discover documentation which shows the former "One Bill Gil" meeting with El Centro del Pueblo Executive Director (and Police Commissioner) Sandra Figueroa-Villa. Cypress Park Stakeholders, including longtime Political Activist Art Pulido, packed the last meeting of the CPNC to express their concerns about the choice of agencies that would provide services out of the old Firehouse and demand that "Broken Deal Cedillo" set up a meeting to hear them out. Stakeholders have reservations whether Figueroa-Villa's Echo Park-based Youth, Adult and Family Agency, can provide quality services to their community. According to sources, "Broken Deal Cedillo" pledge to listen to the community regarding the selection of an agency to provide services, but his recent behavior, reinforced by his meeting (or was it multiple meetings?) with Figueroa-Villa, gives the perception that "Broken Deal Cedillo" (along with CPNC President Cortez) has turned his back on Stakeholders and has chosen to reward a "Connected Non-Profit" with close (and possible Conflict of Interest) ties to his staff---Scott Johnson.   
 Cypress Park Neighborhood Council President Alejandra Cortez.
From her Campaign Bio: As a Cypress park native, I believe in engaging and empowering our community by listening to and working alongside my neighbors to make positive change. I am passionate about helping others and served a year as City Year mentor and tutor. That experience, my undergraduate, and now working on my Masters of Social Work at USC make me a unique candidate who is committed and dedicated about being an advocate for the people of Cypress Park. 
Will the Historic Cypress Park Firehouse become a Political Payoff for LAPD Police Commissioner and El Centro del Pueblo Executive Director Sandra Figueroa-Villa?
Did "Broken Deal Cedillo" discuss El Centro del Pueblo's usage of the Cypress Park Community Center with Police Commissioner (and El Centro's Executive Director) Sandra Figueroa-Villa via a meal paid for by his Officeholder Account? 

Was the "Sandra" that "Broken Deal Cedillo" and his Chief of Staff Arturo Chavez dined with twice via the 2014 First Quarter Officeholder Account Report, Sandra Figueroa-Villa?


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