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Monday, August 25, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

From his days as a Clowncilman Villar staffer, through gigs at DONE (aka "DONE DUM"), California State Government, with IT stops (mixed with Cyber Trolling, allegedly) along the way, Ulisses Sanchez is the latest ex. Clowncilman Huizar associate/staffer to gain employment, by shilling for a major project within the "Princeton Graduate's" Political Fiefdom.   
A Bloggin Uli Flashback!! 
Sources just confirmed that Jose Huizar is frantically try to find out who is Red Spot and whom might be blogging bad about him. He has aquired the help of two I.T. Specialist named Uli and one Mr. Lucero. Apperently they have been talking to men people about their assignment. I hope they know this is illegal and the Feds are probably monitoring Huizar moves. Wouldn't want to get you gentalmen mixed up in all this.
August 07, 2009 7:29 PM The old days of  "Cyber Trolling" we never forget.

** Blogger's Note: If anyone needed a bloggin tutorial how business is conducted (and the spoils divided among the cronies) in CD 14, then look no further than the latest proposal regarding the historic Sears Department Store and Warehouse Property in the south end of Boyle Heights. Downtown LA Property Renovator Izek Shomof, who recently purchased the Soto & Olympic Complex, has initiated community meet and greets (with questions optional depending on the venue) and who does he hire to promote his proposal? The now "Centro Strategies Principal" Ulisses Sanchez.

We should note that just a quick eastbound trip on Olympic, will bring you to the historic Wyvernwood Appartment Complex. This is where another duo of ex Huizar Staffers, Rogelio Navar and Paul Vizciano, are on the payroll of the Fifteen Group as it seeks to push its "grand remake of the renter's complex" against the "façade opposition" of Clowncilman Huizar and the community.

Simply, if you are a property owner, or someone seeking to do business within CD 14, it would be wise to do the following: First, donate to Huizzy's Officeholder, Legal Defense or Re-election Funds (paying into the trifecta will definitely help your cause). Then pick from the ex staffers of Uli, Rogelio, Paul, not forgetting the likes of Gustavo Valdivia (helped by Samuel In?), to front your projects through the myriad of community and governmental meetings (with tributes being paid along the way).

That lesson was learned too late by Downey's Carlos Gaspar, who attempted to promote a Mariachi-themed 5K run at the namesake Boyle Heights Plaza, only to see his event cancelled by Clowncilman Huizar's Office, as stated via this "Coca Puff (** the genesis of the term is posted below)" from the Princeton Graduate's Communication Director ........., Rick Coca, a spokesman for Huizar, said, "We're going to back the community and the community didn't want it. [Gaspar] also didn't go through Neighborhood Council like we asked him to do." (HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Good one Coca).

But do not worry if you are one of the runners, the real reason for the cancellation can be discern from this ........., Or they can wait until Oct. 11 for the Boyle Heights 5K Run/Walk, to be held on the same course. The organizer, Juan Romero, a Boyle Heights native (and ex BHNC President, married to former Huizar Staffer Olga Arroyo) who owns a coffee shop there (bought with Huizar-granted CRA Funds?), said that the event is being held in conjunction with a local (for profit) health fair and that it has the backing of Huizar.

That's how business is done in the Fiefdom of Huizzy---Scott Johnson in CD 14.
Uli ten minute presentation at the Hollenbeck CPAB Meeting (co-chaired by BHNC Member Mago Amador).
 Is Uli pointing to the "Cyber-trolling" Locations?
** We found this little gem in the latest Los Angeles Garment and Citizen's "Dot, Dot, Dish Column".
COCA PUFFS: The new slang term for any cheap shots sent along anonymously to the local blogosphere by Rick Coca, who handles communications for Huizar…AD HOMINEM: That’s Latin for cheap shots that attack the messenger rather than answering questions with facts…
It seems that Coca doesn't return many calls on subject matters affecting Councilman Huizar, but he allegedly has time to blog his comments.

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Blogger Unknown said:

I LOVE ULI SANCHEZ! Best nemesis a guy could have! I miss him, more than anyone, now that I think about it. Not happy Weezy has commissioned him to try and figure out who Peter Parker is. He's been trying to figure that out for years...guess it's not so easy.

August 26, 2014 10:34 PM  

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