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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Will former Mayor Villar Lapdog City Attorney Candidate Jack Weiss, become Chief of Staff for a possible City Attorney Mike Feuer?
 Mayor Antonio Villar and 2013 City Attorney Lapdog Candidate Mike "Bet Tzedek" Feuer.
Mayor Villar and 2009 City Attorney Lapdog Candidate Jack Weiss.

Hola to all in the local political cybersphere as we end our bloggin Spring Sequester and what a better way to return, than with this explosive bit of political chisme.

According to reliable sources, former CD 5 City Councilman and failed Mayor Antonio Villar Lapdog City Attorney Candidate Jack Weiss, may be returning to the city payroll come July 1, 2013.

The return of Weiss to gainful city employment, is predicated on Mike “Bet Tzedek” Feuer becoming City Attorney, who then would select Weiss as his Chief of Staff, according to our sources.

For activists in CD 5 and city-wide, a union of Feuer and Weiss in the City Attorney Office, should be a rallying call for preserving an independent office, that is only beholden to the interests of the citizens within the City of Los Angeles.

** Here is some latest observations on the runoff contests for May.

** CD 1: Is it strange or the standard M.O. of the City Clerk Office, that we have not seen any updates on the uncounted Absentee or Provisional Ballots? Maybe this has to do with the fact that Gil Cedillo, is “this close” to breaching the 50% level, in his race against current City Councilman Ed Reyes anointed successor Jose Gardea?

** CD 9: The University of Southern California’s “Neon Tommy” News Blog, has this tear gusher on the “rags to one percent staffer riches story” of City Council Candidate Ana Cubas. We would recommend that the undergrads dedicate ample cyber space in exposing the “S.C. (scandalous conduct) Proclivities” of the former highest paid, city council Chief of Staff.

** CD 13: Who would have higher name recognition in CD 13, former LA Dodgers “one game wonder” Hee Seop Choi or LA County Labor Federation “parachute city council candidate” John Choi?

** LAUSD District Six: Simple political word problem for the brother and sister indoctrinators of UTLA, “If a candidate for the LAUSD School Board was a prior enabler on the now litigious 2012 LA City Redistricting Commission, what makes you think that Antonio Sanchez will vote against the educational interest of the “Eli Broad/ Mayor Villar/ Councilman Huizar / LAUSD School Board President Monica “Gorda Boo Boo” Garcia Education Machine“?

** City Controller: So sad to see how low the political star of CD 3 City Councilman Dennis “The Valley Zine” has fallen.

** Mayor: How much pandering does it take “The Villar Greuel” to secure the support of the LA County Labor Federation? Better question would be how much new revenue will “The Villar Greuel” need to create to pay off all her Labor IOUs?

Your thoughts …………..
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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