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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Andrea AlarCON offered Plea Deal in San Bernardino County DUI and Child Endangerment Case
City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works President Andrea AlarCON.

Hola and happy 12-12-12 to all, whether in front of the computer, or cleaning out the bunker for the looming end of the world.

On the subject of numbers (with decimal point) and the looming end (politically), Mayor Antonio Villar’s “alleged past Getty House guest”/ Board of Public Works President Andrea AlarCON, has been offered a Plea Deal by the San Bernardino County District Attorney.

The daughter of indicted CD 7/2 City Councilman Richard “Zorro Marxist” AlarCON, can avoid jail time in exchange for pleading guilty to one count each of DUI and Child Endangerment. If she chooses to go to trial, chances are good that jail time would result from multiple guilty verdicts. The fact that she was driving down treacherous Hwy.18 while impaired, with a child in the car, will not go ever well with a local jury (plus being a Los Angeles public official won’t help either).

Then considering that the hard-partying Georgetown Grad’s blood alcohol content came in at .18, this would be the right time for AlarCON to act contrite, take full accountability for her actions (in both the San Bernardino and City Hall episodes) and resign.

** City of Los Angeles CAO Miguel Santana may want to update his resume. Judging from the comments of various union heads, Santana may be the first casualty of a union-back candidate win the 2013 Mayoral Contest.

** One must wonder if Mayor Antonio Villar is still a proud progressive considering that thousands of his former fellow-traveling brothers and sisters, have signed a petition requesting the City Terrace native resign from the “Fix this Debt Organization”

** Surprise, surprise City Councilman Jose Huizar is fined again by the Ethics Commission ($10,000) for campaign violations from his 2011 Re-election Campaign. As Attorney Stephen Kaufman prepares the invoice for setting up another legal defense fund to pay off this latest ethical breach. We suggest that the Princeton Graduate set up an old city parking meter in front of his each district office for donations ( to later spend on fine dining).

** As the mayoral candidates prep for a Thursday night candidate forum where gangs issues will be discussed, Mayor Sam will post an exclusive on an alleged cover-up from this summer’s Summer Night Lights Program with embarrassing implications for Mayor Villar’s GRYD Program

Your thoughts ……………
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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