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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Gun Buyback Scheme for Thursday

Free groceries entices thousands to give up their firearms.
 Any symbolic political exercise is not complete without pandering politicians.
Any symbolic political exercise is not complete without a press/photo op.

With the likes of CD 15 City Councilman Joe Buscaino, City Controller/Mayoral Candidate Wendy "The Villar Greuel" and Mayor Antonio Villar in full view of the media, symbolism reign while the inconvenient truths on the follies of gun buybacks, was not on the agenda of an enabling press corps.
Leave it to this supposed subjective blogger to ask some objective questions regarding yesterday's symbolic endeavor.
First, in the wake of the fact that mentally-impaired individuals have been responsible for recent acts of mass shootings, why do we not make mental health counseling more readily available?
Third, were knives, bats, chains, and cars (** the LA Weekly reports on the bloody epidemic of hit and runs city-wide), which can also cause mass harm, part of yesterday's buyback?
Fourth, will the pandering politicos who were so ready to partake in yesterday's symbolic exercise, tell those who gave up their tool of self-defense, how thin LAPD is stretched and how many patrol vehicles are actually on duty, in areas like Northeast LA?
If constituents actually knew the truth about how stretched thin LAPD really is and the debacle that is the democratic-supported AB 109, then I dare say that a "gun handout program" is what is really needed. After all, is that what President Barack "H" Obama's ATF did in Mexico with the "Fast and Furious Program"?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wendy is so transparent.

December 27, 2012 10:31 AM  

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