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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Morning Councilman Huizar!! About our "conversation" yesterday ?

CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar (partially blocked from view by woman in green and black) greeting his favorite constituent blogger. (** BTW, "Ricky Coca Puffs", left of his boss, needs to lighten up on Saturday mornings).

Great Sunday morning to CD 14 City Councilman (and BTW, an aspiring Charro who graduated from  Princeton) Jose Huizar I hope you are enjoying a great weekend after your appearance to rightfully credit most community members, who's vision, with your support, will bring the new "Mickey's Parklet" to fruition in the coming months.

A festive occasion for all in the El Sereno Community.

In the near future, shoppers from the likes of Newland Hardware, Food 4 Less and Mickey's Liquor, will final a mini spot of recreation and relaxation as they execute their shopping chores. Your "Huntington Drive Improvement Vision and Action Plan is a good read, but as we have reported here on  Mayor Sam (truthfully, backed by the facts), there are continuing issues on Huntington Drive that need prompt resolution which leads in to our yesterday "dialog".

Councilman Huizar can't bear to view the facts on Mayor Sam.

On the subject of "liars" ..............
It saddens me that you turned a mere constituent request on a public meeting regarding the future of Hazard Park, into an attack on my bloggin veracity (BTW, great example of officeholder behavior in public). We have stated this before to your re-election supporter Academia Semillas del Public "Head Tata" Marcos Aguilar and will share this disclaimer with you, regarding our bloggin coverage.
In what is becoming this writer's standard disclaimer......, let me state that we endeavor here at Mayor Sam to base our musings on the facts. If we choose to incorporate speculation, we label it as such. Plus, in the course of writing we have the right to question all possible story angles base upon the information at hand and craft our product in a style that may incorporate satire, mixed with parody. That is the bloggin way (especially for this writer).

In the case of our coverage of the on going issues at the controversial Charter School, we are very aware that only the facts are expose, especially in reporting on a trouble institution of learning (that is why LAUSD professional staff recommended non-renewal of charter) who's actions may have a detrimental effect on the children it supposedly serve. We stand by our reporting and commentary. We also extend the invitation to Academia Semillas del Pueblo staff and supporters (** including a certain CD 14 City Councilman supporter), to respond in writing to any of our coverage which we will post in the interest of a communal dialog. That is what blogging promotes, truthful dialog, not legal threats. (or allegations of lying by a certain City Council supporter). 

Maybe Councilman Huizar, before you attack another journalist (or in my case, a mere citizen bloggin commentator), take the time (with your mini sock puppet communication director Ricky Coca Puffs), to engage the true community liars. For example Councilman Huizar, is it true that within a shouting distance of your attack on this blogger's veracity, a certain collective coffee shop, operated illegally? Is it true that a certain collectivist charter school, set up an illegal "drop off, pick up zone" on Huntington Drive? Plus, Councilman Huizar, did a certain collectivist charter school, attempt to restrict our bloggin expression and Freedom of Speech?.

Lastly Councilman Huizar, this constituent blogger will continue to report on your actions as CD 14 elected representative, whether you like or not. That is my right as bestowed on all American citizens in the First Amendment. Contrary to the thought process (or self-serving rants of his boss) of "Ricky Coca Puffs", the only agenda of this bloggin commentator, is to share the truth behind your political dealings. including those of a community-deceiving charter school and those that may condemn this  Hazard Park tree pictured below, to death in the name of the "Trojan Horse of Community Destruction"

In closing Councilman Huizar, this tree Hazard Park, and community await a open townhall meeting set up by you. Plus, this blogger will work with you objectively, in an open, transparent manner, but not compromise my right to dissent (or agree) on other community issues. 

Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Anonymous Dennis Smith said:

This is not the first time that Hazard Park's existence has been threatened by other government entities claiming the land is necessary for a hospital expansion. Back in the early 1970's, locals mobilized to "Save Hazard Park" when the V.A. wanted to build its new facility in Hazard Park rather than on federal land held in West Los Angeles. They were successful at that time which is why the Wadsworth facility was opened in 1977 on the site where it stands today.


October 01, 2012 1:28 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Before Huizar starts to fix Huntington Dr he should first look into the accident that happened last week. A parent runned over an a man in front of the shoe store crazy parent speeded up as the old man was crossing the street. Semillas parents rush to drop off those kids everyday.

October 02, 2012 8:41 AM  

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