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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Collectivist Machine for May Day

The former Tony Villar agitating for communist inclusion in Chicano Studies at UCLA.
The Billy Bragg revision version of the "International".
Happy red dawn brothers and sisters in the Los Angeles Collectivist.
Many in what is to become part of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro Councilman Jose Huizar's "Center of Political Doing".in Downtown LA, are being treated to the fringes of the 99% this morning
From the traditional May Day participants such as the Revolutionary Workers Party to now the George Soros/SEIU/Van Jones directed Occupy Movement, the aggrieve working class/wards of the government, are mulling about the various downtown byways. 
With Occupy LA a costly poop movement memory, the traffic of commerce that provides the tax revenue for the likes of Mayor Antonio Villar to jet about in search of his next political incarnation, will be affected throughout the day.
** In honor of the "International Day of the LA Worker", the MTA Board committed an act of heresy against the collectivist by voting to give a Japanese firm a $890 Million dollar contract for rail cars.  
** The "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street" is reporting that various activists are banding together to prevent anymore cuts to the Recreation and Parks Budget. Whacked to the tune of $40 Million dollars over the last our years, the likes of Councilman Eric Garcetti and Tom LaBonge are calling for more "Public/Private Partnerships" (ie. giveaway of park space to connected non-profits). Face with $4 Million more in cuts in the proposed 2012/2013 Budget, the innovated CLASS Park Anti-Gang Program may be targeted for closure. The simple and blunt solution here would be to take $4-8 Million dollars from the Mayor's GRYD Program and give it to Rec.and Parks, since some GRYD sub-contractors have made a "legacy of pirating" Rec and Parks programming into their prevention programs.
** Lastly, what would May Day be without a "Bloggin Denouncement" of those who act against the best interest of the 46th Assembly District Collective?
Democratic Political Consultant John Shallman
46th Assembly District Candidate Brian Johnson.
What major enemy of working brothers and sisters and public indoctrination/education  is a big donor to "Ed Voice"? ** We have speculated that John Shallman is the consultant to this IE. We have ask him to comment on this to no avail.

Vote Brian Johnson for Assembly 2012, a Valley Alliance 
to Prepare Our Children for Tomorrow's Workforce, A Coalition of 
Ed Voice IE Committee, Valley Parents, Educators and Business Leaders, 
Ed Voice Independent Expenditure Committee, to support Brian Johnson's candidacy for AD 46,
 “EdVoice Independent Expenditure Committee” on February 14. State records show that last year the EdVoice independent expenditure committee raised a total of $965,421 from a roster of well-heeled donors, including $94,400 each from Broad; Gap chairman Donald FisherCarrie Walton Penner, a granddaughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton
......and what would be the future cost to Brian Johnson and Democratic Consultant John Shallman if they were connected in anyway to Wal Mart money? Denouncement!
Your thoughts brothers and sisters
Scott Johnson in the CD 14 Collective.

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