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Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Papa Puffs and Briefs for the LA-32 Community" via CD 14 Councilman Huizar's Commissar Arturo Gonzalez (Political Satire)

 Its an official edit of the Office of Princeton Graduate, City Councilman and Dear Charro of CD 14 Jose Huizar, that all residents of his collective give thanks for the $ Billions plus dollars of investments that he takes credit for, blasphemy,  had the vision to provide for CD 14. 
My one percent (in commissar pay from the CLARTS Fund) loyaltist El Sereno Commissar Arturo Gonzalez will use all resources dedicated to the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro's collective to watch and respond to any instances of disloyalty to the edits and desires of its leader.

The Following are Edits and Pronouncements from your "Princeton Graduate Dear Charro" to his El Sereno Peons via Loyalist Commissar Arturo "Papa Puffs" Gonzalez  for April 28, 2012.
Public Safety Alert for the El Sereno Collective 
Please remember your "Duck, Cover, Call 911 and wait ......... Drill". Your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro with instructions from the "Supreme Payaso" (one Tony Villar of City Terrace) of our Ciudad de Los Angeles, is sending 30 police officers to protect the "University of South-Central". Rest assure peons that no promises of future campaign funds (via the Dear Charro's childhood friend and USC lobbyist David Galaviz) sway your Princeton Graduate Champion of Public Safety, from exposing you to the gun play of "Non Revocable Parolees" from Metro 13, Sereno and 18 Street. 
.New, Social and Traditional  Media Blasphemy Alert for the El Sereno Collective.
Via edit from your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro, the following reactionary tools of media commentary are deemed  blasphemy and are to be expunged from your recommended readings. First, The Facebook Page of The Voice Community News for questioning your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro's commitment to public safety in El Sereno. That bike-riding purveyor of "yellow journalism" (especially when he lies about the $ Million-plus CLARTS FUND Staff Salary Account), should know that LAPD's Com Stats do not show the alarming rise in crimes against the vision of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro and his (3 for loyalty scoring) supporters. Second, The Right Wing LA Weekly or its written assault on our leadership school for a collectivist tomorrow Academia Semillas del Pueblo. Whats wrong with an visionary indoctrinator such as Marcos Aguilar who sits on a board of trusting followers that pay him a six-figure salary?  Third, all musings from the "Enemy of the CD 14 Collective", the "Invasive Gabacho of Ramona Gardens" the hater of the "Supreme Payaso's created Legacy LA (this Princeton Graduate Dear Charro is smart enough to not take credit for that CBO abortion) the agitator "Stain Spot in CD 14".
Proclamation of "Loyalty Score of 3" for the Comandante Manzanos of Rose Hills.
By proclamation of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro of CD 14, we honor the latest recipients of the coveted "3 for Loyalty to the Dear Charro Score" to Joe and Anthony Manzano of the oldest collective in Ciudad de Los Angeles  "Rose Hills". Via their selfish endeavor to turn the once reactionary LA 32 Neighborhood Council into a banana republic for Rose Hills. the Offfice of Princeton Graduate Dear Charro will note all future events within Rose Hills in the following manner.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church Annual Fiesta and Carnival
 Date:             Friday, May 25, 2012
6 pm to 11 pm
                        Saturday, May 26, 2012
12pm to 11 pm
                        Sunday, May 27, 2012
                        12 pm to 11pm
Location:      4509  Mercury Avenue
Rose hills, CA 90032   
Because of your proclamation (and loyalty to the vision of Princeton Graduate Dear Charro), the zip code of El Sereno becomes Rose Hills and most important, Rose Hills is not exiled to CD 1. (** that unless Councilperson Parks, Perry and the Korean American Community win their redistricting lawsuit against the backroom crafted boundaries of the various socialist collectives within Ciudad de Los Angeles. Then say Hola Councilman Reyes).
Denouncing the Latest Recipients of "-3 for Disloyalty Score" against the vision of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro
Via a proclamation from the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro the following miscreants peons of Rose Hills/El Sereno are branded with the dreaded "-3 for Disloyalty Score" and face excommunications from all future collective functions with the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro. First, Michael Carreon for showcasing defiance of the Princeton Graduate Dear Leader and the rest of the City Clowncil Central Committee at a recent meeting. Second, Lucia Reyes for a "reactionary moment of integrity" in rebutting an opportunity for her and baseball charges to be photographed with their ball-playing Princeton Graduate Dear Charro. Does the reactionary Reyes knows that it is bad enough to highlight collective issues that reflects badly on the image of the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro? Then worst, exhibit further disloyal actions by rebutting an important function of the collective? That is the continuing crafting of an image of our Princeton Graduate Dear Charro that highlights his positive vision for the collective? Banishment from future "Chorizo con Huevos with the Princeton Graduate Dear Charro" is the lease of this unbeliever's problems.
An edit to Hecho En Mexico and Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School from the Priceton Graduate Dear Charro. 
   Comrades, as both supporters of my grand visions for the Collective of El Sereno, its not about what you can do to better your collectivist goals, but what you can do to advance the interest of you Princeton Graduate Dear Charro (do not forget that or the cost of your next building and safety permits increase by Aztec counts of twenties) Your recent selfish feuding runs contrary to the peaceful vision of the collective. (** Plus , its exposing troublesome past zoning issues with your respective collectivist plots that reflect badly on the Princeton Graduate Urban Planning Dear Charro). Thus in the spirit of mediation, I offer the services of my special friends "Samuel and Gustavo", who will for the right price, "contract and permit away your issues" in the spirit of returning peace to Huntington Drive and returning the focus of your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro's attention to all things Downtown. (at lease until mid-2014). 
I, your Princeton Graduate Dear Charro of the collective of CD 14, hereby approve of the edits and proclamations of this week's "Papa Puffs and Briefs for the Rose Hills/ LA-32 Community" via my loyal Commissar Arturo Gonzalez.
Your glowing pronouncements of my vision expected.
Princeton Graduate Dear Charro in my CD 14.

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