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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Coming Battle for CD 4 in 2015 thanks to 2012 Redistricting

Blogger's note: Somewhere in the early minutes of Thursday, February 17, 2012, City of  Los Angeles Redistricting Executive Director Andrew Westhall, received the "political paycheck" he had been waiting for since being entrusted with the committee assignment by his ex. boss City Council President Herb Wesson. For his role in the political retaliations against Councilpersons Jan Perry and Bernard Parks and turning over a  majority of Downtown LA to CD 14 Councilperson Jose Huizar and his "future outreach team" of Gustavo Valdivia and Samuel In, Westall saw his Toluca Lake Neighborhood moved into CD 4.---Scott Johnson   
 Its no secret that Westhall craves some sort of political title to go along with his name. Recently, he pondered a run for the 43rd Assembly District Seat that was eventually won by  Silver Lake Resident now Assemblyman Mike Gatto..
 ......but guess who is not too happy about Toluca lake being joined to his CD 4 Council District?
There is a certain"Live with Mommy" Assemblyman residing in CD 4 who wants to become a member of the City Council once his Sacramento days are over. But with a staffer in search of political title, carving his neighborhood into the council election of choice, expect a battle in 2015 between "mommy's stay at home assemblyman" and City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson's  "staffer".
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.. 

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