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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mayor Villar's Fundraiser Ari Swiller to host "meet and greet" (for a fee) with the "Valley Greuel"

Democratic Fundraiser, CEO of Renewable Resources and close friend/adviser of Mayor Antonio Villar, Ari Swiller, as he appeared on a Fox News program on reforming California Presidential Elections division of Election College delegates. 
Will Ari Swiller be the "Keith Brackpool" of a future "Mayor Wendy Greuel Administration"? Further, why are many close associates of Mayor Villar giving their "monetary support" to the "Valley Greuel"? Lets consider this in light of Ari Swiller's past attempt to make millions of the backs of DWP ratepayers as reported by the Times David Zahniser.

Since 2004, Swiller also has been a co-owner of Renewable Resources Group, a Los Angeles-based firm that develops and invests in clean energy.
In the case of Onyx Ranch, the venture headed by Swiller beat the DWP to the land, bought it for $48 million and, before the transaction was completed, offered to sell less than half of it to the utility for $65 million. (Reminds me of a Richard Meruelo land deal at the Taylor Yard)
H. David Nahai, the DWP's general manager, rejected the offer. Swiller's venture, a partnership between his and another firm, then sold the portion sought by Los Angeles for $42 million to the city of Vernon, a neighboring industrial community with its own electric utility.
"A future Renewable Resources/DWP Wind farm near Mojave?
A future Renewable Resources/DWP Solar Farm in sensitive habitat of the South Fork of the Kern River?
Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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