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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet for Tuesday

As the state and local budgets feel crushed under the weight of years of generous public employee pay raises and unsustainable pensions, Costa Mesa may be ground zero for politicians to push back.  The city is looking to lay-off over 200 positions, nearly half it's total workforce.

President Clinton and other reform minded Democrats in the past supported public school choice, primarily as a way to force schools to perform better but also to stave off the push by conservatives for vouchers.  In most cases public school choice allows parents the opportunity to move their kids to other schools or even other districts if their local school stinks.  Now, carrying the water for the LAUSD, Democratic State Senator Roderick Wright has introduced legislation to put an end to inter-district transfers in California.

Gas is nearly $5 a gallon. Want to find the cheapest gas around? There's an app for that.

It must a fad lately to destroy murals.  That's what happened to a mural painted by art students in 2003 on the side of a winery in Laguna Beach.  The mural was recently whitewashed. An owner of the winery ordered the work done in what was apparently "a misunderstanding."

We overlooked this, John Harrington, a Libertarian, was elected to the San Gabriel City Council last month.  Harrington was the biggest vote getter of all candidates in the election.

Flap the Blogging Dentist, participated in the LA Marathon. Here's a photo of Flap celebrating with a fellow runner at the post race dinner.  Congrats to Flap!

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