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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Governor Lowbeam: Brown Will Have to Raise Taxes Next Year

Shut up Gray!
Jerry Brown mentioned the other day his campaign staff has put a muzzle on him to prevent the former Governor from gaffing or saying anything else stupid in the final days of the campaign.

The Brown campaign may want to consider the same thing when it comes to Brown's former roommate and Chief of Staff, more commonly known as ex-Governor Lowbeam, Gray Davis, the guy we booted for some reason I can't remember so we could have an inaction hero as Governor.

Though Brown has claimed there would be no tax increases during his term Davis is saying that sometime next year California's new Governor may be forced to put several tax increases on the ballot during a special election.

"The next governor will have to have a special election given the additional revenue shortfall we'll face because of the temporary tax increases expiring,"  Davis told The Fresno Bee.

Brown's Republican opponent Meg Whitman responded "I saw today that former Governor Gray Davis says that if Jerry Brown is elected, we will have a special election in the spring to ask voters for even higher taxes. Talk about March Madness! More taxes in a recession. And Gray Davis ought to know; he was Jerry Brown's right hand man for years. Voters, you are warned. Jerry Brown will bring more spending, more taxes and more lost jobs to California."

Despite the fact that Davis says he is on-board supporting his former boss he says that he and Brown have not discussed the matter.

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