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Friday, November 07, 2008

Analysis: Friday morning quarterbacking on Tuesday's election

Luckily for me, having my son always helps numb the pain. On Wednesday, I had intended to write up a more in-depth analysis of what happened the night before, but it was his birthday and so I spent it, as well as yesterday, with him. He got a bright red Razor scooter just like he'd asked, and so I just had to take him out to use it! Anyway, happy 6th birthday Vincent! Now with that out of the way...

Barack Hussein Obama, Barack Hussein Obama. Oh yes we did, girlfriend! FINALLY! Yet somehow, my pride still has not overtaken my uncertainty, and I feel much less hope than I'd hoped. Did we do the right thing? Is Obama really ready?

Well look, I love the man's message, I think his policies are generally superior to those of John McCain, I know he's not a fascist or a religious fanatic, so that's good, but somehow I'm not quite there yet. I always liked Obama better than McCain, but McCain came off like a bumbling empty suit whereas Obama simply came off like an eloquent empty suit. And for the last time, Obama is not MLK. It's a facade. While I continue to believe that Obama is actually the second black president, after Bubba Clinton, he is also the second actor.

Oh, and while we're on the subject, African-Americans voted in overwhelming numbers for Prop 8. Way to throw another oppressed community under the bus guys! Didn't anyone ever teach you that we minorities need to stick together? Or did it have something to do with the ad campaign that falsely linked Obama to Yes on Prop 8? Maybe it was the literally thousands of signs that were placed in predominantly African-American and Latino Los Angeles neighborhoods on Monday? I'm in the Bellflower/Lakewood/Long Beach area all the time, so it would have been hard not to notice. Strangely, early strategic indicators out of the Yes on 8 (Mormon/Flint/Schubert/Cunningham) camp showed that they were primarily targeting the mostly-Catholic Latino community, yet the vote there was curiously tight.

Considering the Prop 8 protests and the slew of legal remedies available to No on 8 and Equality California at this point, this is not the end of the story. Expect a petition drive to put a measure on the next ballot (2010) repealing Prop 8 and disallowing government from legally defining marriage. Following that (2012), I also wouldn't be surprised to see one that raises the requirement to pass a constitutional amendment to a 2/3 majority vote, which according to this constitutionalist, should have always been so.

Now, as far as local elections, I've already posted that the truth of the matter is that we ran an underfunded, barely coordinated, last minute slate. Michele Martinez's anti-incumbent vote was split by George Collins, and while she wouldn't have beaten Pulido regardless, I'm sure he'd have been a lot less comfortable with his 'landslide' if some in our camp (certainly not I) didn't believe that Collins would split his white vote. *BUZZ* Wrong.

Art Pedroza. His was the flagship online campaign. He didn't want to run, but he felt that he had to. When goth-queen Becky Valencia entered the race, he breathed a sigh of relief. When re-offender Steve Rocco entered the race and Valencia was identified as a mole, Art and I decided that he just had to run since he would be the only legitimate alternative to Busty. That position was solidified when an IE made up of his detractors at LibOC, Red County, Ware Disposal, and other despicable outlets attacked him in a last-minute mailer which was the subject of much controversy in the blogosphere. The power of incumbency and the fact that Art's opponents were the only female candidate and Rocco, whose behavior on the OUSD Board has been infamous, were stacked against Art, and yet, despite the early jokes Tuesday night about Art losing to Rocco, that didn't happen. Despite his re-election, Busty is still a boob, but now Art is a hero and he and I are like Mulder and Scully; we know the truth is out there, and we plan to continue to expose it!

Congratulations to Jim Walker for an impressive showing. He did better than I had expected but not as well as I was told he would do. Remember though, Jim is a popular community organizer and we expect to have him on our blog and our political team for the foreseeable future. Again, thank you Jim. Will we see your name on the 2012 ballot?

And lastly, so much for the DPOC's hopes in defeating their 'Triangle of Corruption.' Representatives Jerry Lewis, Ken Calvert, and of course Gary Miller, all handily won re-election. Note to Ed Chau: told you so.


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Blogger Michael Higby said:

What's up with the sheriff's trial?

November 07, 2008 2:40 PM  

Blogger Sarah Michelle Spinosa said:

I'm working on that. Let's just say that Carona said a lot of things he never thought he'd hear again that have been captured on audiotape. More by/on Monday.


November 07, 2008 5:03 PM  

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