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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

The City Clowncil considers this morning what is ultimately something that is going to wind up in court and costing us even more money - the "living wage bamboozle." Following the successful referendum on their previous hotel living wage attempt in which hotel owners forced the Council to invalidate the law (or face a costly election), the Clowncil has come back with essentially the same law, probably in violation of the state constitution and city charter. The Clowncil, beholden to powerful labor poverty pimps, is going to pass this bill (lets see if the nominally pro-business members e.g. "Bitter" Bernie Parks, "Sleeping" Greig Smith and "Ex-Motorcycle Cop" Dennis Zine grow spines and actually vote against this measure) and the only relief the hotels and taxpayers will get will come from the courts, if at all.

Martini Republic has what is probably one of the most telling quotes from a local politician in some time. You'll have to go there yourself to read it. (Hint: the person who said is up for election in a council district that rhymes with "Door Teen.")

It could be the biggest municipal land scam since the days of Jake Gittes, Martini Republic makes the case for what is wrong with the Grand Avenue Plan.

Mayor Sam thinks there is nothing wrong with turning apartments into condos but the City Clowncil does. But maybe they secretly agree with the old, dead Republican mayor! Because despite laws they've passed and hands they've wrung over the loss of rental housing, another 100 rental units in the San Fernando Valley have been approved for conversion!


Anonymous Anonymous said:



Just in time for the March elections. The "LAUSD SEVEN", gave "PUFF DUFFY" and his flock 6% of reason to re-elect the incumbants. Now as we put on the "SWETHER OF REASON" let me teach you boys and girls of the bloggersphere, a couple of words that may upset your average "UTLA POTIBURO MEMBER"..... "MERIT and VOUCHURES", repeat those words, I know you could. Any reform of LAUSD should include Merit Pay for teachers. Plus if LAUSD continues to be the dysfunctional organization that it is today, then lets reclaim our tax dollors and give true choice to the parents.

Nice for the "LA ANTONIA TIMES" to highlight the "MICROPHONE, T.V. CAMERA CHASING DUO" of Eddie Jones and Najee Ali. Some who listen to KFI will remember Jones for pimping his view that the station was racist. of course he did not have a problem appearing on the station. (THINK RATINGS AND AUDIENCE). Ali, as actually been a breath of fresh air with the circle of hot air African American Activists. Just hope that these dueling activists and other of their yoke remember that the solutions start with self.

Your favorite "TAX AND SPEND CLOWNCIL" will revisit their attempt to inpose a "LIVING WAGE" on the Airport area hotels. Will our local fish wrap of record be front and center in leading the charge to defeat this anti-business measure ??

"BLUECRATS" that make up the majority of our Clowncil, are they a bit hypocritical when they and their counterparts on the state and national level expouse "NO TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH !!" ???. Yet they are the first to give away our tax dollors to "CORPORATE WELFARE JUNKIES" such as Anshultz and Broad ?? Dollors that go towards Union Jobs, paying for inprovments to Private Property and not showing any rate of return on the "investment" ??



February 13, 2007 9:44 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

What a friggin' statement by Huizar. How does anybody support this guy? (By supporting these dummies on the council and the school board, our Mayor is really dumming down Los Angeles.) And the journalist Barboza isn't much better. So, who is telling the truth about the molester issue? Did the parole officer acknowledge Huizar's role? I don't think so? If Huizar is telling the truth why doesn't Tony Racasas back up his boss?

February 13, 2007 9:47 AM  

Blogger Patrick Meighan said:

"Following the successful referendum on their previous hotel living wage attempt in which hotel owners forced the Council to invalidate the law (or face a costly election)..."

Everyone always seems to forget that the hotels' signature-gatherers only managed to gather their signatures by lying to the voters they approached. I, personally, was approached by a signature-gatherer in December who asked me to sign a petition "to bring a living wage to Los Angeles." The signature gatherer also refused to say who he was working for. I know many other voters who were approached in the same fashion: to bring L.A. a living wage. I know NO voters (ZERO) who were approached by a petitioner stating, in plain English, what the intent of the petition was: to repeal a living wage that was already passed into city law.

"the only relief the hotels and taxpayers will get will come from the courts, if at all."

If the Çentury Blvd. living wage is so patently and obviously illegal, as many here claim, it should be an easy matter to get it overturned in a court of law. And yet at no point here has any opponent of the living wage law (and there are many) plainly and simply urged that the hotels and the Chamber execute what would seem to be the obvious remedy: quit lobbying the council, quit spending millions gathering signatures, quit threatening to blow millions more in taxpayer dollars on a needless referrendum, and simply take this living wage law to court and collect your easy victory. The fact that such a call is NOT being made here at Mayor Sam tells me that living wage opponents, despite their bluster, are not at all confident that this law is, in fact, illegal. To the contrary, you guys seem quite aware that you'll lose in court. Observe the contrasting example: I, personally, am a huge living wage proponent, and have invested a great deal of time and energy lobbying for a living wage on Century Blvd. And it's as a living wage propenent that I'm asking you--no, BEGGING YOU, to take the Century Blvd. living wage to court. Please! PLEASE!!! Just WATCH what happens there!

"Will our local fish wrap of record be front and center in leading the charge to defeat this anti-business measure ??"

Oh, fer heaven's sakes. The L.A. Times has already editorialized, several times, against the Living Wage. What more do you want 'em to do? Print it in red, with big ol' stars around it? Y'all seem frequently to claim, in the abstract, to be in favor of fairness and balance in media, but when the rubber hits the road you want just as much bias as you can possibly get... just so long as it's biased your way. And no amount, evidently, can ever suffice.

Patrick Meighan
Los Angeles Greens

February 13, 2007 1:40 PM  

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