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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Moore Leads In Mayoral Poll

WalterHang on. We're talking about an online poll on KABC talkradio's site. Given the stations rightward tilt, its not surprising. As well, web polls are not scientific and usually the most pissed off are the ones who bother to vote. Moore is well ahead of the pack, with Bitter Bernie coming in second, Huggy in third place and Hahn besting only Alarcon (who has no votes) and Villaraigosa. The stations morning man, Doug McIntyre, has offered praise for Moore and given McIntyre's solid anti-immigration stance, its no wonder Moore is doing as well.

Nonetheless, this can't be bad news for Walter!

Current results:
Moore - 40%
Parks - 21%
Hertzberg - 16%
Hahn - 13%
Villaraigosa - 9%
Alarcon - 0%


Anonymous Anonymous said:

Which is more credible: this poll or the Wave's online poll that has Parks way ahead?

January 05, 2005 9:13 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

This poll is as reliable as the Daily News poll. It means nothing to the average person who doesn't listen to KABC, is way conservative and monitors this blog. But I say let the man debate...it only makes the debate all the more interesting even though the guy would be my last choice.

January 05, 2005 9:18 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

HELLOOOOO...the WAVE is going under and for good reason. Moore is a joke. If he really believes he can do anything about immigration when the majority of Los Angeles is Latino then he's living in another world. I would love to see him give his anti-immigration speeches at a community meeting on the Eastside.

January 05, 2005 9:30 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To the idiots above criticizing the Wave, did you happen to notice that this African American publication has Parks at 47% - less than half of the respondants support him, the majority want someone else. And consider that Parks won his seat with about 80% of the vote less than 2 years ago. I'd say there's some dissatisfaction.

January 05, 2005 10:45 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Since when did Wave equal African-Americans? If you look at the site, you'll see that the Wave distributes its papers to sections all over the Los Angeles area. According to the numbers I've seen, Parks still has a stronghold on the African-American vote. The closest one to him is Hahn who isn't even in the teens. How else do you think Parks got into the 20th percentile with Villaraigosa and Hahn?

January 05, 2005 11:44 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Check out today's article in the Daily News. The Parks Campaign is apparently working the valley.

Secession issues still haunt Hahn

By Todd Blair and Garrett Biggs

The secession campaign that sought to break up Los Angeles is now two years ago but the issues raised at the time, especially policing, are resurfacing in the Los Angeles mayoral race.
During the sometimes bitter feud over the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood cityhood election, crime was a major issue. Secession leaders argued that smaller, more efficient cities could police better. In a feeble attempt to demonstrate immediate action in fighting crime, Mayor James Hahn replaced home-grown Los Angeles Police Department Chief Bernard Parks with celebrity Chief William Bratton.

Now that he's fighting for a second term, these issues are coming back to haunt Hahn.

Hahn won in the short term by keeping his job as mayor of a unified city, but he is now paying the long-term costs: helping Parks add the new title of councilman and gain a platform to run for mayor, alienating the Valley through his harsh anti-secession tactics and the criminal probes of his administration's actions while fund raising for the secession election.

In his first campaign for mayor, Hahn successfully wooed Magic Johnson onto his side in an important effort to win the black vote. He relied on the black vote not only to get an edge over businessman Steve Soboroff in the primary election, but also to beat Antonio Villaraigosa in the general election. This time around, Hahn has ceded the black vote to Parks.

The Parks problem is actually twofold. Parks will likely take Hahn's black base, worth more than 10 percent of Los Angeles' vote. Parks' background as LAPD chief also has crossover appeal to the more conservative, law-and-order voters in Los Angeles. The strength of this asset depends on Parks' ability to raise money and spread his message. The Valley was Hahn's other base of support in the first election. While he did not win the Valley in the primary in 2001, losing it to Soboroff, Valley voters did choose Hahn over Villaraigosa in the general election.

Then Hahn promptly turned on his Valley voters, and worked day and night to deny them the right to vote on their own future. After losing that battle, Hahn ran a harshly negative campaign. Those campaign tactics have caused many Valley leaders, many of whom were Hahn's allies in the first election, to turn their backs on the mayor and look at his four opponents in the current crowded race.

As a rival, Parks is emerging as the candidate who can put together a solid coalition across Los Angeles. With support from the left and the right, including the recent endorsement of conservative Republican Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Parks will be able to make appeals to Democrats and Republicans alike.

Parks also has the active support of actor Bill Cosby who can help raise money and hold the black vote. Additionally, by suggesting having the often maligned Wal-Mart providing jobs is better than having no job for many in the city, Parks has given us valuable insight to his business-friendly approach to reviving a healthy business climate again in Los Angeles.

Parks' position has only been strengthened by the revelations that many in the Hahn administration and campaign have been accused of violating laws in fund raising. As the hot water surrounding Hahn heats to a boil, there may be calls from civic leaders for him to drop out of the race.

While Hahn attempts to put secession behind him and run his campaign on fighting crime, it may be those two issues that finally undo him.

Todd Blair and Garrett Biggs are partners in a Valley-based political consulting firm, Blair & Biggs Campaigns.

January 06, 2005 10:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Parks is the most corrupt politican in this city. Look the mess he got us into with Rampart. He stopped the investigation and promoted his African American buddies knowing they were under investigation by FBI and IRS. He promoted a commander who had a domestic violence complaint. HELLOOO...Parks is a joke in this city. Everyone knows that Bitter Bernie doesn't have a chance in hell and LAPD coppers hate him. That should say alot about someone who almost destroyed LAPD and didn't give a shit about his own cops.

January 06, 2005 11:08 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

To the above blogger, The Wave and the largest chain of community newspapers serving African Americans. The majority of their community papers are in the African American communities.

January 06, 2005 4:15 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let me just say one thing...Moore is a joke! This guys has ties to unsavory characters. He is a total immigration basher. I'm not talking about illegal immigration, which I think many of us on this blog share the same feelings. I can't take this guy seriously at all. And he's a lawyer too. I find him and his comments odd and offensive. This guy has no vision...just a bunch of complaints. That's my rant.

January 06, 2005 9:04 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

If Parks is a joke, there are a lot of mayoral candidates that would like to be jokes right now. According to the L.A. Business Journal, he's running a tight race with Hahn and Villaraigosa. Everyone on this blog keeps saying Rampart and all this other stuff. But, strangely it hasn't hurt his popularity. Getting 20% of the vote in L.A. is not an easy task, especially with four other credible candidates running. In closing, I know a lot of these PPL groupies are stupid. But, try not to let it affect your sense of reality. Get ready to go back to working five days a week like everyone else, Mr./Ms. officer!

January 06, 2005 11:58 PM  

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