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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto dodging debates in the 43rd AD

Why doesn't the "Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto", want to debate challenger Greg Kirkorian in the 43rd Assembly District Contest?.  
The thought of debating his challenger Glen Kirkorian causes "a Lil Mikey episode".
Memo to the Infant Assemblyman Mike Gatto, as you attempt to move beyond Infant Assemblyman status and into the world of seasoned politico, its paramount that you master the spin craft of standing up for your special interest friends, whoops, political ideals.
That said, many of your constituents are wondering when you are going to debate your challenger Greg Kirkorian as Election Day looms some mere weeks away. Care to answer to your constituents Mikey?
In your recent past, you had no issue debating other candidates for the political office that you are seeking re-election to. Some would opine that your past debates, especially in the democratic primary some years back, were aided by an alleged "political tag-team partner named "Chale", but I digress.
Your campaign minders may state that Kirkorian does not have a chance against a well-funded (via out of district special interests money) candidate. Thus, why debate a supposed sure loser?
But the facts run contrary to that notion, considering that the Kirkorian Campaign garnered 45% of the vote in the June election, while spending less than $10,000. A recent fundraiser with former California Governor George Duekmegian, alone raised $90,000+ for the Kirkorian Campaign. Then with the redrawn boundaries of the 43rd Assembly District, voter demographics ensure that this district's future political contests will always be in play for both parties.
In stating these facts, it should come as no surprise to seasoned political observers that the "Infant Assemblyman" would seek to dodge debating Kirkorian. This "Infant Assemblyman" has accumulated a large amount of political baggage as he attempts to move beyond the terrible second year of his political life. Whether it was his non-vote on the California Dream Act or his outlandish claims of financial distress after California Controller John Chiang cut the salaries of his fellow legislators last summer, then it becomes clear why the Infant Assemblyman is acting obstinate on the debate issue.
But this strategy of dodging a debate with a legitimate challenger may backfire for the Infant Assemblyman. Many within the 43rd AD, including a large amount of Democrats, would not give a second thought to booting Assemblyman Gatto out of office. Add that to the fact that 45% of the voters have already stated their negative opinion of the Infant Assemblyman without knowing the excellent, extensive background of challenger Greg Kirkorian, does not bid well for the Infant Assemblyman's political future.
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Anonymous Peter Alvarado said:

I'm a Democrat but our family will be supporting Greg Krikorian. It won't really matter though. By the time he takes office we will have moved our family business to Arizona. This is thanks not just to Mike Gatto but honestly years of anti-business state politicians. Gatto is quite frankly only the latest in a series.

September 18, 2012 4:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I will be supporting Greg Krikorian in this race. We need an elected representative who will represnet our district, not his own interests. 93% of Gatto's money was raised out of district - seriously? You go, Greg.

September 18, 2012 5:24 PM  

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