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Monday, August 13, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday.

"Time to reflect on a post Mayor Villar LA".

** What awaits the former Tony Villar of City Terrace and soon to be ex. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in 2013?
A cabinet level position in a second term President Obama Administration? Survey says CHALE!! Run for Governor?? Not over the walking cadaver body of Governor Moonbeam II. So what does the future hold for the former political darling of the "LA Antonio Times"?
That is what the future Antonio Villar plans to do with his idle time beyond July 1, 2013. But take notice that Villar is speaking already in his next political incarnation cliches which include "The Radical Middle" and mulling the alleged broken left and right. Where the next incarnation of "Politico Villar" fits in the political spectrum is predicated on the desired outcome of its solitary benefactor.
** As we enter the last half hour of Sunday, August 12, 2013, we would like to wish City Attorney Carmen Trutanich a Happy Birthday and offer the San Pedro native these good tidings. First .........
..... a limited-edition donation box with real coins attached (Shallman thief proof). We know that Nuch is in the hole big time financially to Shallman (pending campaign audit) but what Shallman could not do, others may take a chance on reinventing the Nuch and reap its potential riches....... at a fraction of Shallman's over-price cost.
** From the overlooked category, did you know that former HACLA employee Victor Taracena pleaded guilty to creating a scheme that rewarded him and his siblings for creating false bids on HACLA contracts. We wonder if Gustavo Valdivia of Grande Vista  Associates cares to comment?
Your thoughts ...............
Scott Johnson in CD 14  


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