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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Early Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

Page 1 of Koreatown Activists Lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles over Redistricting 2012.

Great early morning to all as we quickly get started on a news pack August 1, 2012.
** As we first reported here at Mayor Sam, Koreatown Activists filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the final backroom-drawn boundaries agreed upon by the City o Los Angeles Redistricting Committee. With the first of what could become multiple lawsuits on Redistricting 2012 on file as of yesterday, you can bet that City Council President Herb "Mini Amin" Wesson will not be discussing his alleged role in the Redistricting backrooms anytime soon (unless under oath).
** Former SEIU 6434 General Manager Tyrone Freeman is looking at alot of non-union time making license plates as a Federal Grand Jury returned multiple indictments against LA County Board of Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas favorite ex. union strongman. According to the indictments, Freeman and wife live the high life on the backs of low-paid union members dues. Many observers are wondering if Freeman will sing regarding what was an alleged plan to raise union dues and for workers to support the campaign of now Board of Supervisor Member Ridley Thomas?
** CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar was successful in getting a vote on the March ballot to create a special downtown tax district to finance his Broadway Choo Choo. But as Hillel Aron reports in the "Weekly of Record", will downtown residents want to pay more taxes when many are "under water" with their respective mortgages?  
** The political office hopping of currently CD 2 City Councilman Paul Krekorian, will remain on hold as the first full term CD 2 City Councilman announces that he is not running for City Attorney. BTW, great show of discipline by Krekorian's staffers not to comment on this issue when asked in a City Hall elevator.
** July 31 was deadline day for municipal candidates to file their latest fundraising reports with the Ethics Commission. In the 2013 Mayoral Contest, City Controller Wendy "The Valley Greuel" and CD 13 City Councilman Eric Garcetti, were mere hundreds of dollars apart at the $2.2 Million dollar mark. Look tomorrow before our report on the 2013 money race.
** City Controller Candidate Dennis "The Valley Zine" is puffing out his chest again in indignation of city employees who are watching the London Olympics on city computers during work time. Is that me or do I here the political sirens of the ambulance-chasing auditor Wendy "The Valley Greuel"?
** Saving the best laugh for last, Ron Kaye has his thoughts on Yahoo's "Villar for President" story, but the City Terrace native is not without ambition
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Scott Johnson in CD 14                                            

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