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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Thursday

2013 Mayoral Candidate CD 13 City Councilman Eric Garcetti finds happiness in the sewer of campaign fundraising.
Its almost campaign fundraising report time again at the Ethics Commission (July 31) and "Team Garcetti" has called for the tote ................ $2,2 Million Dollars!! (dancing breaks out on the Jewish branch of the Garcetti Family Tree).
As the "Weekly of Record's" Gene Maddaus notes this early cash haul from Hollywood types, lawyers, developers and others will enable Team Garcetti to buy T.V. time to connect with his "Citywide Family".
Regarding the fundraising progress of the other candidates, Wendy "The Valley Greuel's" Campaign states that they will be "competitive" with Team Garcetti (but then you must equate in Consultant John Shallman's proclivity in spending monetary resources which means that the Valley Greuel's campaign is at a disadvantage). Meanwhile City Councilperson Jan Perry will come in at $1.2 Million followed by Team Kevin James further behind (with matching funds yet to be tap).
One side bar of interest is this from Maddaus regarding the fictional "President Paul Garcetti".
Scanning through the list contributors, it appears that Hollywood likes Garcetti, especially the TV folks. Contributors include one James Kimmel, listed as a "TV Show Host"; Adam Carolla, "TV Personality"; producer Steven Bochco, and David Nevins, the CEO of Showtime. On that subject, is it just a coincidence that the USA Network has a series on which the fictional president is named Paul Garcetti? 

Flashback, former City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo's "Team 1600" was not fiction.

** The "Weed Leaf of Record's" Dennis "the Bong Comandante" Romero reports that the Medical Marijuana cravers are mounting a signature drive to place "Measure Ganga" on the March, 2013 Ballot. Consider this, they need only to find 27,425 register, pot lovin voters to place "Measure Ganga" on the March Ballot.

** An "Oh Mario y Maribel" Update: City of San Fernando City Councilwoman Maribel "Sancha" De La Torre will be arraigned today for her "Act of Rage" against former fling and Councilman Mario "Tonto" Hernandez. Since "Sancha's" incident at "Tonto's" home the former political twosome have dropped their respective restraining orders against one another. A political making up in progress?

 Longtime South L.A. Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant.

In this week's edition of the Soulvine, Betty highlights the next generation of "Ridley-Thomas" cutting their political teeth. HERE’S ANOTHER ONE — Comes now another Ridley-Thomas. No, it’s not Mark and it’s not Avis — it’s Sebastian, one of the couple’s 24-year-old twin sons. Sebastian Ridley-Thomas is in San Bernardino directing the campaign of Cheryl Brown, publisher of the Black Voice News, who is running for the new 47th Assembly District seat over there. Brown is a native of Los Angeles who has spent much of her adult life in San Bernardino. 

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