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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Unions and Pot?

Are Pot Shops aligning with Local 770 union in a refferendum campaign to overturn LA's medical marijuna ban?

In what appears to be a joint effort, ASA (Americans for Safe Access) are holding an emergency meeting this Wednesday afternoon at the offices of UFCW Local 770 with owners of the pre-ico pot shops in order to plan and fund a referendum campaign to repeal the recent ordinance voted on by City Council to ban storefront dispensaries. The pre-ico's are concerned that the post-ico pot shops could take over the effort and torpedo the campaign. By partnering with the UFCW it could tap into the unions vast resources. The UFCW have already embraced the pot shops by creating a Medical Cannabis Division.

It appears that ASA is attempting to scare owners into funding a referendum effort as a "last ditch" attempt to keep there pot shops open.

Without any legal challenges or court injunctions the city's ordinance to close the more then 1000 storefront dispensaries that have proliferated in the city of Los Angeles will come 30 days after the ordinance is signed by the mayor. When questioned about access to medical marijuana city attorney Jane Usher assured the city council that exemptions were in place that would allow patients to continue to have access to medical marijuana through healthcare facilities, hospices, eldercare centers, and could cultivate collectively in groups of three or less. She also claimed the label of the ordinance as a "ban on marijuana" was a label given to the motion by the media and was a misnomer as marijuana would still be available to the patients of Los Angeles.

Let's see if the powers of the mighty local 770 along with the joint efforts of ASA and pre-ico marijuana dispensaries can collectively raise the money needed to run a credible referendum campaign, or if all there efforts will go up in smoke.

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