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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Help a Eastside Community Role Model/Leader Louie Moreno in his Time of Need

Help a great member of the Eastside Community.

On this Sunday, we take a break from our normal political coverage and ask for your help in assisting a great community friend/ role model/ leader in his personal time of need.
Louie Moreno is well known in the Eastside Sports Community and City Wide via his Sports Rap Up Program on the City of LA's Channel 35. In addition, Louie has MC many community events in CD 14 and is a sought out figure when it comes to promoting the community's big sporting events (Roosevelt vs. Garfield's Eastside Classic).
But what bear witnessing on this Sunday is his countless acts of giving back to the community beyond what he highlights on his show.
Moreno each year organized a toy giveaway at the former Edwards Theater in Alhambra during Christmas time. He personally provided hundreds of toy vouchers for needy children in the Ramona Gardens Community and other Eastside neighborhoods. 
Just last year Louie and the owner of Steven's Steak House Jimmy F. hosted a fundraiser for a child with cancer during one of the regular Monday Night Football Parties at the Commerce Landmark.
Now, with health issues causing economic complications, a man who has given of himself with no conditions, is in need.
Please help by donating and attending this event for a great friend of the Eastside Community.
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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