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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hump Day Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for the Winter Solstice

CD 1 City Councilman Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes at Lincoln Heights Holiday Pararde. Who is the guy (hint, Chief of Staff) sitting next to Ed-benezer?
** Bloggin Disclaimer: Please excuse the following politically incorrect statement, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR WISHES TO ALL! And as we descend hump day towards the sacred day of Christ's birth on Sunday, we here at Mayor Sam would like to share pictures of multiple "events of giving", in the days leading up to Christmas. But meanwhile, lets not completely detach ourselves from detailing the dubious follies of those deserving of attention ..... like Councilman "Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes".
In recent months leading up to this moment, Lincoln Heights residents have seen Councilman Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes become the tool of the "Lincoln Heights1% Elites", who seek to monopolize all of the community events into one exclusive slush fund. Now we have learn that "Councilman Ed-benezer" is trying to "scrooge his way" out of paying for fireworks he promised the community at Lincoln Park in 2010 and 2011. While the pyrotechnic vendor deliver on the fireworks, Councilman Ed-benezer has been delinquent in paying close to $7,000 in total charges according to community activists. ** BTW, we want to wish the best for Killing Fields survivor and US Navy veteran Ben Lee as his family endure their first Christmas, after Councilman Ed-benezer Scrooge Reyes sided with 7-eleven and saw his small business dream evicted for a corporate mini-mart. ** CD 1 2013 Elections note, Assemblyman Gill Cedillo has raised $50,000 for his city council campaign. 
** Mayor Antonio Villar wants Angelinos to endure more budget cuts ($1.1Million worth) to offset the costs of the "Flea Party Bug Out". This "budgetary dump" (without the plastic bag) should rile up the activists and prompt someone to suggest that the cost be past on to the likes of SEIU, George Soros and the President Barack Obama Campaign.
** More "Politics of Fireworks", it appears that some sort of miscommunication took place between the Coliseum Commission and City Councilman Bernard Parks over who would pay for $40,000 in fireworks sometime back.
** This just posted on the LA Weekly's Informer Blog which should surprise many (naught!) in the state political community. According to Gene Maddaus, state Democrats manipulated the redistricting process in California. Quick, grab the lawsuit paddles!
** Lastly, we were email this photo of a "new business" that open recently on Alhambra Road, near Fickett in El Sereno. Judging from the Security Guard on the premises, it may not be long before Alhambra Road becomes the latest "Hemp Highway in CD 14".
Growth Industry in Councilman Huizar's CD 14.
Your thoughts and Merry Chrsitmas!
Scott Johnson in CD 14.    



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