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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Old Gray Hag Does Edward Padgett a Favor

Edward Padgett
Our blogging friend - and LA Times pressman for nearly forty years -Edward Padgett, was told by his employer that his services were no longer required.

Certainly the newspaper formerly known as The LA Times wasn't happy with Padgett's truthful missives at his blog. When an organization is failing and unable to revive itself, it lashes out.

Firing Ed Padgett won't help the Times save itself from itself. If anything, they've done Ed a favor by letting hop off a sinking ship before it takes on any water. And he should realize a nice settlement. I am sure the labor lawyers are lining up.

Ed Padgett is too talented, too cool and just too much of a nice guy that some enterprising venture will snatch him up quickly.

When the LA Times goes the way of the Herald Examiner, the 8-track tape and the buggy whip, we can say we remember it when AND we knew the guy who printed it!



Blogger Cotter said:

Wow Higby, finally an article that's not from Redspot. I thought you might have died it's been so long. What happened to this blog? You can't tell me that the only thing happenIng in the whole city is in east LA or making fun of Betty. You could be covering all of the interesting assembly races with the added fun of redistricting, or The dozens of candidates who are running for city office. By cover I don't mean posting links to the Kevin James show or a funny Zumma Dogg video but some real reporting. At the very least take the city maven approach and post campaign press releases with a snarky comment at the end.

You used to be fun to read and you sadly provided the best coverage of local LA politics. Get it together.

December 22, 2011 3:35 PM  

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