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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas Story of Redemption from Ramona Gardens

Blogger's notes: As we are blessed with a beautiful Christmas Day in Los Angeles, this blogger would like to share this story of the blessed redemption of Gabriel Acosta and the power of our better angels overcoming the inner demons of destruction.Years ago as a child, this blogger remembers a drugged-out person behind the wheel of a pick up truck, ramming the front doors of closed Nico's Market in the attempt to gain entry. Back and forth, the truck went knocking the doors off its foundation just in time for LAPD's arrival and the arrest of the driver.Years later and countless battles against drug-feeding demons behind him, that drug out driver was led back to Ramona Gardens in 2008 by his inner better angels, in search of redemption (that story in his own words, was noted in the January, 2010 Issue of The Voice Newspaper). Gabriel Acosta was that driver and his new found inner strength based in faith, is a transformative tale of good overcoming evil. With the help of some, through the powerful conviction of one, Gabriel has brought hope to Ramona Gardens with his now Fourth Annual Toy Giveaway and other events within the community. This year in these hard economic times, Gabriel sold his vehicle to help finance this year's toy giveaway which bares witness to the transcendental change for the good in Gabriel Acosta---Scott Johnson       
Gabriel Acosta and friend.
LAFD Engine 16 brings "Christmas cheer" to Ramona Gardens.
 Some of Gabriel's Christian Bikers friends arriving with toys in Ramona Gardens
 Some of the 200-300 bikes.
 Toys being gather for giveaway.
 Children and their parents during program.
This young lady will always remember her first bike thanks to Gabriel's "transformation of soul".
Merry Christmas.
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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Blogger rose said:

Thank you for sharing this. Love and goodwill to Gabriel Acosta.

December 26, 2011 9:15 AM  

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