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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Some Prophetic Thoughts on Frank McCourt from the "Dodger Blues Blog" on 1-29-04

Adios Frank ........ and thanks for the free tickets!
Blogger notes: Memo to Pressman Ed in the printing plant on Olympic, this is one front page that will not meet the scales of the daily catch. Rejoice, many sports fans are at the news that the Dodgers will be liberated soon from the reign of the Boston "empty carpetbaggers" Frank and Jaime McCourt. No more will a once proud corporate sports icon be divided into "shell incs. of personal looting" that will define the McCourt Era at Chavez Ravine. Many of the Dodgers Fan Blogs are celebrating this historic day in LA sports history, but one Dodger Blues.com , predicted that nothing good would come from the McCourt Era on 1/29/04. Thus, as Frank McCourt nears his appointed time with Mayor Villar's bus tire treads and a certain State Senator seeks out a newly-single cougar, we bring you Dodger Blue's "1/29"---Scott Johnson    
The Fear of Frank. Right from the start, it was clear that Frank McCourt was bad news. Here’s an abridged version of my post the day Frank McCourt officially took ownership:

Today is January 29, 2004. Dodger fans, however, will come to know it as 1/29. On 1/29, things will change forever. On 1/29, Frank McCourt's purchase of the Los Angeles Dodgers will be approved by Major League Baseball owners, who are being led to their decision by a jackass commissioner. Bud Selig isn't the only jackass, however. There are lots of them in LA, a city whose futile attempt to stop the sale has come far too slowly and far too late. It was painfully clear from day one what the Boston developer's intentions were (despite what he might say today), yet everyone continued to work toward finalizing the deal. Only in the past week or two have anti-McCourt efforts begun to materialize—far too late to have any impact. The only impact there'll be now is the impact of the top deck collapsing onto the reserved level below. And the reserved level collapsing onto the loge level. And the loge level collapsing onto the yellow seats. And an organization that was once a treasure collapsing into a big fucking dust cloud that's going to kill us all.

Sure, it's been no picnic the last few years under Fox, and even during O'Malley's final years, but we're entering new territory now. Enemy territory. Hard-core Dodger fans have cursed and despised the team in recent years, but there's one reason for that: we care. After 1/29, however, it's going to be very tough to care. That's what's sad. When we know the owner has no aspirations to win, when we know the castle we call Dodger Stadium isn't long for this world, when we know even the guys on the team are dejected and uninspired... it's going to be very tough to care. Should we at least give McCourt a chance? Judging by the look of his weasel-like face, no.

.......... and on November 2, 2011, its time to change the "Gibson Clock" on Dodger Blues.

Your thoughts..............
Scott Johnson in the shadows of Chavez Ravine.

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