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Monday, October 31, 2011

LACCD Trustee Scott Svonkin subject of police report after confrontation

Stay upwind from LACCD Board of Trustee Member Scott Svonkin when he speaks. Graphic via LA Weekly.
Newly elected LACCD Board of Trustee Member Scott Svonkin's uber-bullying ways are making news again with the filing of a police report on Svonkin after a confrontation with a candidate for the San Gabriel Board of Education. Read the story after the jump.
San Gabriel School Board Candidate Verbally Assaulted at School Carnival Saturday – Candidate Files Police Report against Scott Svonkin
Published: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
San Gabriel School Board Candidate Verbally Assaulted at School Carnival Saturday
San Gabriel School Board Candidate Andrew Ammon, 25, attended a school carnival at Coolidge Saturday afternoon where his cousin teaches.
As he was leaving, former school board member Scott Svonkin called out “ Andrew”. he then allegedly pulled Ammon’s arm forcefully and in a threatening manner “ he was trying to tower over me” said Ammon.
According to candidate Ammon, the now Community College School Board member said “ Have your supporters stop taking S____ about me. I can do worse to you. It is illegal to campaign on school grounds. We are going to get you!”
Ammon assured Svonkin that he was not campaigning and had simply attended the carnival. He had no buttons or campaign literature.
“He (Svonkin) has tried to bully everyone in town. He has threatened others in the past. He has a long reputation for being a bully.” Ammon said in a telephone interview Saturday afternoon.
Ammon was so disturbed by Svonkin’s actions that he filed an incident report with San Gabriel Police Department.
When contacted by San Gabriel PD, Svonkin told the officers that he was “ advising “ Ammon on campaign rules and regulations.
While there is little the police can do, they did apparently advise Svonkin to not contact Ammon again.
Svonkin has apparently told Ammon “ we will kick you out of the (Democratic) Party.” while gesturing and pointing at Ammon.
The incident was witnessed by at least one man who caught the eye of Ammon during the altercation.
Ammon refuses to be intimidated by Svonkin’s intimidation techniques. Ammon told Beacon Media that Svonkin has repeatedly stated, “ I am going to control the School Board.” Ammon says it is about time someone stood up to his “bullying techniques”
Ammon opposes Svonkin “ on every issue” and says Svonkin and his well-documented outbursts have “ torn the community apart.”
“He’s just a great big bully…I’ve been an active democrat for life but now keep a lower profile in the party politics because of this man. If the Koch Brothers offered Svonkin cash to join the Republican Party, he would!” Ammon said.
“He’s an empty suit.” Ammon said of Svonkin who now is on the Los Angeles Community College Board.
During the last school board election 78% of San Gabriel residents voted against Svonkin and 60% voted against him in the run offs.
Beacon media has attempted to contact Scott Svonkin for comment but as of deadline have not heard from his office.

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Blogger Treadstone said:

Does Svonkin have the same political consultant as Carmen Trutanich? Seems that the loudmouthed bully of Main St is using the same strategy to try to silence his critics. He brags about how he got the LA Times to remove Maeve Reston from the City Desk after the infamous 'high five for a dead baby' story, and now he's trying to get Cooley to make Berger stop the attacks on the Dragnet.

The thing about bullies like Trutanich and Svonkin is that they are the biggest cowards when someone stands up to them. Trutanich backed out of the DA candidates forum when he heard that a few of his former employees were going to be there to ask a few questions he probably doesn't want to answer.

Just remember, you can run Nooch, but you cannot hide.

October 31, 2011 9:10 PM  

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