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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cailfornia State Senate defeats Assembly Speaker John Perez's AB 46 to disband the City of Vernon

Assembly Speaker John Perez and State Senator Kevin De Leon were not walking arm in arm on Perez's bid to disband the City of Vernon.
In a stinging defeat for Assembly Speaker John Perez, the State Senate led by Keven De Leon voted down Speaker Perez's AB 46 which would disbanded the City of Vernon and return its daily operations to LA County and Mayor Antonio Villar's cousin was none too happy ............
The fact is clear: Senators Calderon and De León, along with their colleagues, have given Vernon a free pass to continue doing business as usual, and those senators will own the responsibility for any misdeeds that may occur in the future. I am proud of the fact that I stood with the men and women of the Southeast Communities in this effort."] OUCH!
..... and somewhere a certain State Senator is saying payback! For someone taking a job that could of been his. 
** Statement from State Senator Keviin De Leon this evening..

“Today’s vote in the Senate on AB 46 was one step in a process. While I am exceptionally happy that tens of thousands of jobs were spared the ax, the saga of Vernon will not be complete until the City follows through on its commitment to implement the aggressive reforms I proposed. I am seeking permanent and lasting reform in that City, and justice for its long-suffering, neighboring communities. It is now up to Vernon and all eyes are watching.” 

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Scott Johnson in CD 14



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