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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Afternoon Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Scene for Wednesday

Raider fan shanking Chargers fan in San Diego. View more angry Raider fans videos here
For this longtime-jilted Rams fan, yesterday's City Council vote that approved a supposed MOU between Downtown Overlord AEG and their willing accomplices at 200 Spring Street is nothing more than the next tiresome act of enriching the "City of Los Angeles Insider Class" (as noted by Ron Kaye) at the expense of ethics within City Hall. 
Don't get me wrong, I want the NFL to return here as it should had already if not for Mike Hernandez and Richard Riordan when they shot down former Los Angeles Dodgers Owner Peter O'Malley's attempts in the last decade. (O'Malley getting football then would've equated to no Frank McCourt today) But is the pursuit of returning the NFL to Los Angeles with its questionable financial benefits worth incurring more municipal debt?
Besides the questionable economic benefits, lets not forget sociological issues that come into play with the return of the NFL. It was not long ago that "Raider Black" was the clothing of choice for LA's gangster community. This blogger remembers well the last Rams-Raider Game in Southern California back in 1994 where the fights was better than the game. Still can't forget "Chato" trying to jack me for my Rams gear at that game and thinking what a size 13 cowboy boot would of done to his future child-producing potential. And lets not forget the LAPD lockup in the west end of the Coliseum that was full during Raiders home games. Do we want that type of environment again for NFL football in Los Angeles? Former Raiders Hall of Famer Howie Long didn't. BTW, how do you scare a Raider Fan? Third Strike ...............
**  "Gay vs.Straight Cat Fight" is setting up for new Assembly District that would encompass West Hollywood to Malibu. Veteran Gay Rights Advocate Torie Osborn with Mayor Antonio Villar's support, will be challenged by current Assemblywoman Besty Butler who is backed by gay Assembly Speaker John Perez.
** These headlines below are from the Wendy Greuel for Mayor Campaign but lets remember what being ahead in the fundraising race did for Chris Essel's political career.

**  California Governor Moonbeam II's budget is sinking fast.
* Tom Calderon, a consultant with the Calderon Group. Last year, Calderon was identified by The Times as one of three former elected officials who were lobbying politicians to support the city of Vernon's plan to build a new power plant on Boyle Avenue. (Wonder if Robert Urteaga tagged along with Calderon?).
Reached by The Times on Friday, Calderon was asked if he is still working on the power plant project, which has drawn protests from residents of Boyle Heights, a neighborhood once represented by Villaraigosa. "I really don't respond to press calls, thanks," Calderon said, shortly before he hung up.

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Scott Johnson in CD 14    

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