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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Mayor Sam Retraction

" Glendale News-Press caption refers to Congressman Mike Gatto"
For the record, a post written at Mayor Sam by myself, stated that "a Mike Gatto" had been evicted from a 901 Levering Ave. 15, Los Angeles, California 90024. Further, I stated that "a Mike Gatto" was subjected to a court judgment for $1,355.00.
Upon further review with my sources, it has been concluded that the "Mike Gatto" mentioned in the post, is not the current Assemblyman Mike Gatto. For that, I apologize for my mistake.
It should be noted, that there was never was any communication from the Mike Gatto Campaign, for a retraction, prior to the "Cease and Desist Letter" from Assemblyman Gatto.
It is my paramount priority when writing for Mayor Sam to present the correct facts went musing on a chosen subject or person. But like the Glendale News-Press above, it is our responsibility to make corrections when warranted.
Scott Johnson

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