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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Evening Los Angeles Politics Hotsheet

Oh crap the weekend is almost over.
While the Vatican prepares to throw US bishops under the bus and claim they are not liable for actions of the American clergy in efforts to cover up child molestation by Catholic priests, another Christian denomination shows it's progressive side by naming an openly Lesbian leader. The Episcopal diocese of Los Angeles ordained Mary Douglas Glasspool on Saturday.

Phil Jennerjahn can't seem to make up his mind.  After snatching up the intended website URL of his Congressional primary opponent Jennerjahn was more conciliatory and prepared to hand it over.  It appears that Jennerjahn will not surrender the URL of James Andion's campaign and has decided instead to "smash evil." And may we note that Jennerjahn's campaign antics seem to have pushed attention to his recall of Mayor Villaraigosa off the radar.

Fresh off deleting blog posts (note to bloggers who delete blog posts you regret posting later, Google Reader is an excellent archive of them) Zuma Dogg notes something that seems impossible.  Former readers of Mayor Sam who have sworn off the nasty habit are reading the blog and even posting comments. Nothing new for sure and noting to see here so move along.

Here's a blog post that Frank Sheftel would probably disagree with. Westchester Parents blogs that even medical marijuana dispensaries grandfathered under new City of LA legislation should be closed and that medical marijuana should only be available from doctors and pharmacists.  Period.

Bikeside LA asks the question "are there people who hate bicyclists in Los Angeles?" I don't know. What would you call them? Bikists?

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Anonymous Phil Watch said:

Zuma Dogg is crazy, I come here to keep tabs on Phil Jennerjahn, this blog serves the community with the much needed service of watching Phil Jennerjahn.

We actually need hourly posts about Phil Jennerjahn, does anybody know where Phil is eating dinner?

May 16, 2010 5:38 PM  

Anonymous George Dubya said:

Phil, I don't like what I see here, all this flippin' and floppin'. We need a strong leadership in Congress, not a bunch'a flip-floppers.

May 17, 2010 6:55 AM  

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