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Friday, June 26, 2009

Perez Hilton is a Hosebag

Bloggy gossip columnist Perez Hilton has got himself in hot water again.

First it was the crap that he pulled at the Miss USA paegeant, then he got into with the Black Eyed Peas and claimed they kick the shit out of him and the latest is that the bitch boy up and dissed M Jax.

Yesterday when the news came out that Michael Jackson had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital Perez threw up a snarky post that Jackson was "faking." When word came quickly that the King of Pop had passed, Perez grudgingly removed the post.

Mario Lavendeira - Perez's real name - has shown the remarkable ability to piss off all kinds of people with his mouth.  Here's a guy that both Ann Coulter and GLAAD have serious issues with. That's not easy.  Tabloid celebrities like Tila Tequila, Kris Jenner and others have taken Hilton to task publicly many times. 

Following the M Jax post Hilton found himself under Twitter attack from Ashlee Simpson and her husband musician Pete Wentz.  That began a greater Twitter war from thousands of Tweeters who began a movement to encourage other Twitter users to "unfollow" Hilton by consistently sending out the #unfollowperez hashtag. One report on Twitter said that Perez - who has one of the largest followings of celebrites on the social networking site - had lost over 800,000 followers after his comments on Jackson.

And we thought Don Quixote was annoying!

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

Uh, okay, well, I'd still rather play Parque Esquelto's online game.

June 26, 2009 2:12 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Perez Hilton is a talentless hack, but don't try to justify Miss USA. It wasn't just her views that ticked people off but her stupidity, how she tried to explain herself.

Ultimately it was the pageant that was wrong in letting a gay hatchett job with a bad hairday everyday ask a question about gay marriage. When we need a dumb beauty queen in a bathingsuit to solve that issue for us, what have we come to?

June 26, 2009 4:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

I'm not sure Perez' massive annoyances diminishes Don Quixote's one iota.

June 26, 2009 4:09 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Why haven't you posted anything yet about the Betty Pleasant article on Kobe and the Mayor?

June 26, 2009 4:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor V is looking for some ANGELS!

[Only he forgot to plan ahe]. This was sent out around the city to community volunteers, LESS THAN 3 WORKING DAYS before his inauguration, which means the "angels" better be retired, self employed, or unemployed - so they can drop EVERYTHING and come running to midweek events downtown

Don't these politicians realize that most community activists also work (and if we didn't, we couldn't pay the taxes they keep wasting).

"To all Angelenos--

There are True Angels in this city. They are the people who devote untold hours each day to building their communities and lifting up those less fortunate than themselves.

Whether painting a mural, planting a tree, or serving food to seniors, True Angels realize we are all in this together, and that social change only comes with active, committed engagement. These True Angels come together from all different backgrounds and from all across Los Angeles to lay the foundations of stronger communities for future generations.

Help me recognize Los Angeles’ True Angels by sharing with me the story of a truly exceptional volunteer. That volunteer can be you or someone whose service you admire. Five of these volunteers will be invited on stage with me next Wednesday, July 1, as I am inaugurated to my second term as Mayor of Los Angeles.

During the ceremonies, I will recognize these five volunteers as True Angels whose commitment to their brethren and to their city inspires us all.

Go to www.volunteerLA.org by Tuesday, June 30, at 5:00 pm to submit your story.

Thank you,

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

June 26, 2009 4:54 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

4:05 p.m.

When we need a dumb beauty queen in a bathingsuit to solve that issue for us, what have we come to?

Um, take away the part about "in a bathingsuit" and isn't that pretty much who wins elections in this country, male or female, at all levels of government. . . "dumb beauty queens" -- the best looking, most pleasing-to-the-eye candidates, regardless of whether they have an ounce of intellect to their name, or a real plan to solve any problems?

(Oh, WAIT, there were photos of Obama in a swimsuit broadcast during the last election - on vacation in Hawaii).

June 26, 2009 4:57 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Don't "true angels" also CLEAN YOUR TOILETS!?

June 26, 2009 4:59 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

The only "true angels" know how to keep they're BIG MOUTHS shut, right Antonio?

June 26, 2009 5:00 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Michael Jackson is a "true angel" now, up in Hebben.

(Only they won't let him anywhere near all those little Cherubim... especially with his "Jesus Juice")

June 26, 2009 5:02 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Listen, EVERYONE should go to that Website and nominate ZUMA DOGGGG as a "true angel" for the mayor's inauguration.

Or maybe John & Ken, from KFI?

Wouldn't that be funny!

June 26, 2009 5:04 PM  

Blogger Foxy LA Lady said:

The producer from the Black Eyes Peas obviously didn't hit that dimwit Hilton hard enough. Maybe he should consider giving it another try. Perez and Zuma Dogg should start a blog together and post their arguments live. Now there's a good Reality show for ya!

June 26, 2009 5:05 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

HOw desperate can the Mayor be having all his directors around LA e mailing everyone trying to find those NC angels. IF he thought enough of people they would have done this weeks ago. Let's see which NC kiss asses show up to be used for the Mayor's photo op. How much is this event costing the tax payers? A city worker setting up in front of city hall said its costing over $100,000

June 26, 2009 5:20 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Anon 4:57 said
isn't that pretty much who wins elections in this country, male or female, at all levels of government. . . "dumb beauty queens" -- the best looking, most pleasing-to-the-eye candidates, regardless of whether they have an ounce of intellect to their name, or a real plan to solve any problems?

Um, no cause Sarah Palin LOST

June 26, 2009 6:52 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Obama is NOT good looking in my book with those big ears, scrawny little arms, he's no Denzel Washington or Will Smith, more a big man-mouse. But since his main competition ended up John McCain, a stiff who couldn't move his arms above his head, he looked pretty good. Pretty boy John Edwards always seemed too self-obsessed, and Mitt Romney was a mannequin. If looks and empty heads alone were enough it would have Romney-Palin and Obama-Edwards.
George wasn't bad looking and in good shape for a 60-year old tho.

OK Perez Hilton is a Hosebag (what does that mean?) but I'm sick of all this JAX coverage already. Don't all those "fans" have lives? But I guess it's more for them, a street-scene thing, an "I was there when..."

He was a very flawed, weird man with a great talent, enough. He didn't die for his country, find a cure for cancer, he was a junkie who modeled ostentatious, conspicuous consumption above your means. (Something he shared to a lesser degree with Ed McMahon.) Out of all 3 of them, Farrah had the classiest life, but her only son with Ryan is in prison.

June 26, 2009 7:41 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mario is Brown Trash. He is not a hosebag, he is a douche bag.

June 26, 2009 9:36 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

He is a scum scuking, bottom feeding toilet.

He needs to be flushed.

June 27, 2009 1:26 PM  

Anonymous The Talking Parrot said:

Just in case You don't know who Don Quixote is, see the link below. Don Quackers uses the following words ad-nauseum

Robber Barons (gavchos)
Divide and Concor


The 1% who make up the wealthy monopoly capitalist class, and their lackeys, always scream foul when someone points out the gross inequities of economics used to prop up these supply siders and robber barons. They like to keep it quiet and on the down low between themselves, but revert to screaming about class warfare when put in the spotlight by someone, and always use the old divide and conquer trick that is based on racism and xenophobia.

Hitler did it with his “Brown Shirts” and beer hall butt buddies and the racist “Minutemen” types fall right into the same category.

June 27, 2009 5:18 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Mayor V is looking for some ANGELS!

The Berdoo chapter of the Hell's Angels may be available.

June 27, 2009 5:38 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Let's throw our support behind Jose Huisar,a great American and an Angel to all of CD 14.

He has single handedly held off the predators who seek to take over CD 14, carpetbaggers like ZD, Mayor Sam, et alia.

You go Jose!!!!

June 27, 2009 10:21 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Count me in!!!

I'll support Jose, but only if he reinstitutes the 80 neighborhood watches.

June 28, 2009 10:40 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


June 28, 2009 12:48 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:


John McCain can't raise his arms because he got beaten mercilessly by the VietCong while he was a POW.

Show some respect, a-hole!

June 28, 2009 10:08 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

So what 10:o8. Stiff is stiff, he still made Obama look dynamic and attractive by comparison. Milking his war vet status isn't enough to qualify to be President, and in fact there was question about his version of events. You're the A-hole.

June 28, 2009 11:54 PM  

Anonymous U.S.M.C Vet............. said:

How does a coward become a hero?

June 30, 2009 10:07 AM  

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